Dear Mums and Dads in the UK – A Warning From American Children

Have you been keeping up with how the vaccination program has hurt children in America? As of last week, the parents and doctors of 10,290 children have filed reports of COVID vaccine injuries in children under 11, some of which are quite serious. Sending love from America’s children to the UK! (childrenshealthdefense/Rumble)

Although the video says a lot, it is necessary to add this comment on ‘children who have died of coronavirus’:

Children did not die of a coronavirus (a common cold). They might have died from a health issue, and it was, as happened in 2020, put down as coronavirus or covid. They might have died, as did so many, from the treatment using toxic drugs to treat this alleged disease. It has never been more obvious with the deaths and injuries, and many who were fine to start with when they took the jab, are now succumbing to the adverse effects. That this is a genocide on a mass scale. (Joleen/Bitchute)