Football Team Bans Vaccinated Due to Deaths

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news out of Romania of Steaua Bucharest, the most famous soccer (football) team in Romania banning vaccinated players due to a massive increase in heart related side effects and deaths.

Team owner Gigi Becali says that due to the massive number of people dropping and/or dying on the field after getting the jab, he can’t afford to be paying people to play only to be injured anymore.
Gigi Becali used to be a member of parliament in Romania which is one of the most resistant European countries to the vaccine agenda.

With a 5-fold increase in collapses and deaths on the field in FIFA soccer since 2020, this issue continues to be a serious one. Though, propagandists continue to try and discount these serious concerns and claim that they’re not related to vaccines.

In this video, we connect the dots, we explain this latest news out of Romania, and we talk about the group think propaganda we are currently seeing thrown in our faces at every turn. (srmgin/BrandNewTube)

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