Friars on a Mission

Documentary film following five friars at a Franciscan friary in Bradford on a mission to support the poor, both spiritually and materially. (Bronx to Bradford Friars on A Mission 2017/YT)

From the comments:

  • I have watched this documentary countless times and was heartbroken when BBCiplayer removed it after 28 days. I admire the friars’ dedication, their love and their joy. I found it so uplifting. God bless you all. (Kathryn Park/YT)
  • I love this video of St. Patrick and the Friar’s. Each time I re-watch this video, I receive a new message each time on ways that I myself and the Friars can minister to the needs of the poor and homeless and work with them to find ways through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ that can and will benefit them and their lives each and every day and for the future and how they can experience the Holy Spirit in their lives each minute of every day. Thank you again for this video. (Rev. Micheal R. Vendegna/YT)
  • These men gave up on Worldly things and gained so much more with God and Christ, something you can’t put a price on. The friars really care about all they encounter. They seem to be very creative and are well liked by the community, Catholics and others too. It was wonderful they restored the church enough to have service for Patrick’s Day. Having a service in the church meant so much to so many people. A true celebration. I am not a Catholic, but I have a healthy respect for the work these men are doing ! God bless them. (Robert DeMitro/YT)

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