How Life Has Changed

By Roy R M McIntosh

I found the image below very interesting and was just talking to people a few days ago about how life has changed in my time – and in reality that is a short time!

Going back to the late 1950s, I was living in a small fishing town on the east coast of Scotland called Anstruther. I can remember more what the ‘auld men’ did as they seemed to be out more than the women folk. Rain or sunshine they would meet on the corner of the harbour and chat on about what was going on in the world etc. or how the fishing boats were doing.

Some would go to a building we called the ‘Sale Ring’ and play draughts or dominoes etc. Not sure if it is still there today but at Cellardyke there was even a concrete base which was allegedly at one point painted as a large draught board and there were big draughts that they gathered round and played. There was also a model boat club and they sailed (no engines) the model boats in the local outdoor swimming pool!

I am sure that the women would have had some sort of gatherings for say knitting, cooking etc. but shall let a female answer to what was popular!? So back to my observations:

What I noticed was that as TV became more popular the numbers dwindled on the corner, the draughts ended and the boat club was gone! At that time the news was a popular magnet, and you would hear them say: ‘Oh, have to go and see the news!’ I think at that time the news was only on about three times a day!

Now jump forward to today with TV/internet and the news is 24 hours. You could say 24 hours plus as the news today is sensationalised, exaggerated, dramatised and then you can add on the chat/propaganda shows!? A lot of it funded by evil perfidious scumbags!

I have said to many that one of the big destroyers of society/life was the TV and now it is the internet and mobile phones!

You just have to watch folk on bus, train, walking into lamp – posts (which I have seen), walking the dog, driving, in pubs, at shows etc. So many are hooked to the mobile big style!

The image sums it up to only a very small point, and even before TV I am sure there were things before like papers and radio, and before that stone carvings!?