How Unsafe is the Covid Vaccination?

All across the mainstream media the propaganda is pushing people to take the covid vaccine, and making them believe it is a must.

Norway has experienced dozens of deaths after vaccination, and in the UK deaths in care homes have tripled or quadrupled. Yet, both the government and media are silent about the obvious fact that these deaths have increased after the elderly received vaccination.

  • Pharma Companies will not be liable for any death or injury resulting from the Covid jab.

  • Pfizer’s claims of ‘90% effectiveness’ is not against death or even transmission, only mild symptoms.

  • The mRNA jab is an experimental technology designed to change human genetic behaviour.

  • The UK Government openly states it doesn’t know if the Pfizer jab will have an impact on fertility (see section 4.6 of Govt information for UK healthcare professionals).

  • Long term impacts on life and health are completely unknown.

  • The UK government is expecting a high volume of adverse reactions to the Covid jab, yet is claiming it is 100% safe.
  • The Pfizer jab is still in phase 3 trials.

  • The vax trials are fraudulently based on a PCR test that cannot prove a viral infection.


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"Vaccines are Safe" Ausschwitz Image: response to a recent farcical newspaper headline (Evening Standard: “Vaccines Are Safe Path To Freedom”). Vaccines are actually a gateway to morbidity and mortality. The cynical newspaper Guardian headline is in the tradition of the Nazi slogan “Arbeit macht frei” (work sets you free). Concept idea: Piers Corbyn. Drawing by Alexander Heaton.