1490 Reported Covid Vaccine Deaths in the UK

UK Column have developed a Yellow Card analysis overview interactive chart. It shows the amount of reported adverse reactions and fatalities after the covid injection. In the drop-down, you are able to chose or type in a specific illness and product to get accurate data. These reports show only a small percentage of all adverse

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Senior Superintendent Police Mr Mohammad Imtiaz Dies Soon After Covid Jab

Senior Superintendent Police Mr Mohammad Imtiaz died of heart attack soon after covid jab in Pakistan. He is seen falling in the video below. pic.twitter.com/lmNF5cOvoK — @ItsGoingToBeBiblical (@Latina_Morena0) June 15, 2021 This is his vax sheet. It is officially being attributed to a heat stroke induced heart attack, but the recency of the vax certainly

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Proof the Covid-19 Jabs Should be Stopped Now

In this astonishingly destructive video, Dr Vernon Coleman produces new evidence and annihilates the argument in favour of giving covid-19 jabs. He proves conclusively that all those advocating the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ (especially for children) are lunatics or liars or both. For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit https://www.vernoncoleman.org

More than 10,000 Europeans dead and 400,000 seriously injured after Covid jab

More than 10,000 Europeans have died—and 400,000 are seriously injured—after being given one of the Covid jabs, the European Medicines Agency has reported. As vaccine reactions are notoriously under-reported, the true picture may be considerably worse, and the dangers of having the vaccine for those in a low-risk Covid group could outweigh any benefits. The

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