This Is Not About Our Health!

Dr Sean Brooks speaks out at school board about deadly so-called vaccines. Mother whose daughter died five hours after Pfizer ‘vaccine’ cries on others not to take the shot. Wat verschrikkelijk voor deze moeder die haar dochter is verloren aan Pfizer. Helaas is ze niet de enige. pic.twitter.com/SLyl7lYusu — Free The People (@FreeThePeople68) August 20,

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1490 Reported Covid Vaccine Deaths in the UK

UK Column have developed a Yellow Card analysis overview interactive chart. It shows the amount of reported adverse reactions and fatalities after the covid injection. In the drop-down, you are able to chose or type in a specific illness and product to get accurate data. These reports show only a small percentage of all adverse

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Senior Superintendent Police Mr Mohammad Imtiaz Dies Soon After Covid Jab

Senior Superintendent Police Mr Mohammad Imtiaz died of heart attack soon after covid jab in Pakistan. He is seen falling in the video below. pic.twitter.com/lmNF5cOvoK — @ItsGoingToBeBiblical (@Latina_Morena0) June 15, 2021 This is his vax sheet. It is officially being attributed to a heat stroke induced heart attack, but the recency of the vax certainly

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