mRNA in Animals

mRNA in Animals: Roger Meacock, the gentle vet who roars: As the world has been engulfed in the phenomenon of novel mRNA injections in humans, how many have considered what is happening in the animal kingdom? Are mRNA vaccine platforms being rolled out in animals, as we have been led to believe, and are the

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Toxicologist’s Explosive Testimony: ‘Dangerous’ mRNA Shots Contain ‘Lethal Products’

By Frank Bergman One of America’s leading toxicologists has warned during an explosive testimony that “dangerous” mRNA Covid shots are “contaminated” with “lethal products.” Dr. Janci Lindsay, a renowned biochemist and molecular biologist, testified before the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on pandemic preparedness. Lindsay was called as an expert witness to testify

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Swiss Study Finds That Covid Vaccine Heart Injury up to 20 Times More Common Than Previously Claimed

While the teenage son of basketball star LeBron James suffers a cardiac arrest, a Swiss study has found that COVID ‘vaccine’ heart injuries may be far more common than previously reported. A new study has emerged that shows the incidence of myocarditis – a form of potentially fatal heart inflammation – affects up to 1

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