I Knew From the Start that the VaXX Was the Virus


I knew from the off that the vaXX was the virus and the virus was the vaXX! I tried my hardest to alert my friends and family, to no avail. They all have tel-lie-visions, and lapped up the nonsense.

I am proud to have never had an arm vaXX or a nasal one! When the C19 panto started, I went to Venice from Manchester. I was the only one on the whole plane without a slave muzzle which nearly caused a riot. I stood/sat my ground!

I have worked among those political “swine”. My hatred for most of them is off the Richter scale. They are complicit in this ongoing democide and vaXXine holocaust!

I have not been to my local GP (big pHARMa drug dealer) for three years because I know that I would get myself barred from the premises. I remember telling him then that the C19 fiasco would eventually end the NHS (Sickcare Maintenace Service).


Andrew (61 years)



I disagree with your article about the vax being the virus.

I never had the experimental covid jabs and boosters but I got covid and was in hospital for 2 weeks!

Viruses do exist.

The covid plandemic coup d’etat was perpetrated by 192 countries corrupt tyrannical governments members of the evil corrupt WEF and WHO and UN in 2020. And they used the mainstream media prestitutes including the BBC CNN sky news etc to scare people.

Despite the fact that covid 19 had a recovery rate of over 99.9 %!!!

Kind regards


Vaxi Taxi – Mad Mix:

Mad Mix finally gives up on the Jabberwockys who are on their seventh Jab!

Out of frustration he buys a Hearse and uses it as a Taxi to ferry them (free of charge) to get their ‘fix’, and unfortunately sometimes back from their ‘fix”. (Peace Officer Davey/YT)

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