Once Upon A Time, Some People Got a Little Sick

By Margaret Anna Alice

A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been in Under 200 Words

Once upon a time, some people got a little sick. Other people got a lot sick, but that’s because they were already sick with something else first.

This sickness was similar to some other sicknesses, but there were little differences, like not being able to smell or taste.

Most people didn’t think about it unless they or someone they knew got the sickness. As soon as anybody got it, they took a special combination of natural supplements and safe, cheap pills designed to stop it.

The people who got sick stayed home and took the pills until they felt better. Then they went back to work or school or whatever it was they did when they felt fine.

To boost their immune systems, people started eating healthier, exercising, getting more sunshine, enjoying fresh air, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones.

No one died of the sickness or went to the hospital. No one talked about it because there wasn’t anything to talk about. It wasn’t much worse than a cold and was easier to treat.

Eventually, so many people got this sickness, it went away altogether.

And that’s the story of the slightly different sickness.

The End.

A Very Boring Story About What Could Have Been – Margaret Anna Alice + Visceral Adventure Collab (Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass/YT):

Vaxi Taxi – Mad Mix:


Mad Mix finally gives up on the Jabberwockys who are on their seventh Jab!

Out of frustration he buys a Hearse and uses it as a Taxi to ferry them (free of charge) to get their ‘fix’, and unfortunately sometimes back from their ‘fix”. (Peace Officer Davey/YT)

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