Is Stupidity the New Pandemic?

By Cherry Hughs

I fear it may be so. We use the term ‘stupid’ so glibly and without understanding the true danger inherent within. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an academic and theologian, wrote about the theory of stupidity in his book ‘After ten years’ written in 1942. This text was an analysis of the state of mind that overtook the German people during ‘the reign’ of Hitler and examines in depth the change in the psyche of a nation which ultimately allowed atrocities to occur. This change in psyche evolved from an inception point that on the surface seemed reasonably innocuous, but resulted in the boycott of certain business, avoidance of certain people who were ‘set apart’ from the group, then developed to encourage individuals to report on ones neighbour, even if, and as it turned out, this led to the removal of that person from their family and friends, to be humiliated and punished, either mentally or physically.
Sound familiar? Did we see this in 2020? I think we all know the answer to that, even if we try to bury the reality and excuse it because, as we are so often reminded, (quote) …we were in a pandemic!!

How often following an evil act or atrocity, do we hear the exaltations that we must “learn from our mistakes”, and “this must never be allowed to happen again”, and yet time and time again, a similar script plays out, and very few are ever motivated to stand firm and ask, “hold on, can’t you see what’s happening here?”

Why would this be the case? Why, when it is so blatant and clearly obvious, that some act or omission, directive or proclamation, is fundamentally incorrect, do the masses follow, comply, agree, and then alter their inherent state of reason, to instead arrive at a conclusion where the unreasonable is reasonable, the insane is sane, evil is good, and that non-compliance sets you apart from the rest of humanity as an object of ridicule or even hate.

When we glance back through history, we have witnessed these sequence of events play out over and over again, even though, as in 2020, we had front row seats to witness this spectacle, ‘up close and personal’.

And yet, the masses relapsed into a state of disordered thinking, a trance if you will, a hypnotic state. They watched the television and listened to the endless cast of characters before them, speaking into their very souls, proclaiming that, in order to be ‘good’ this is what you must do, in order not to ‘kill your family and friends’, this is what you must believe. The ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen, served as the hypnotists watch, moving back and forth in front of the eyes of the believers, as they drank it in until they were insensible with intoxication.

The people who pushed this dangerous world view seem exempt from the contempt and ridicule that they deserve, and they wander freely amongst us today. And there are those who ‘bought their ticket to ride’ and fully embraced, neigh, enthusiastically pushed this false narrative on an unsuspecting public, while soaking up the adoration and ‘hero’ status that went with it. These same folk, and they know who they are, are now proclaiming incredulity at the lunacy of it all, they make their informational videos and now they visit the data that was already available at the start, and present it to their followers, as if it were shiny and new. They shamelessly spin their narrative, “if only we knew this” and “ how could they do this”, they may as well go the whole hog and proclaim to their many thousands of subscribers “we wos ‘ad guv’nor”. But their ego will not allow it because now they have the double win of thousands of grateful citizens sharing the news that, “this man is here to help us”, “ he didn’t know” or, “he’s seen the light and come over to our side, he should be applauded for that, not criticized”. I fundamentally disagree.

There is, and should never be, a get out of jail free card for those in the public eye, including the individual to whom I refer above, who possesses a PhD in nurse education. Therefore they have no excuse to be taken in by such wildly made claims of safety. Those who, with even one eye on the data, are aware that a medication, in this case ‘ a vaccine’ (I use the term very loosely), should never, ever, come to market and be distributed to such numbers of people, at such a pace, as it could never be deemed even theoretically safe under those circumstances. Fullstop.

This is stupidity, it could be evil as well, but let’s go with the former. The individual ‘YouTube sensation’, to whom I refer, has been financially rewarded extremely well for his ‘efforts’, and he is not alone, politicians as we know, profited and oversaw the transfer of obscene amounts of money to their friends, family and acquaintances, and to those that may reciprocate at another time. But I digress.

Bonhoeffer was clear on this point, it is the stupid person that allows evil to proliferate because it allows manipulation and bad actors to take control thus permitting the abandonment of those critical faculties that are necessary to distinguish truth from lies. Many of our politicians in key positions today are inherently stupid, they have no concept of the consequences of their actions and only engage in the pursuit of the narrative that is fed to them by the overlords, meaning they remain in their role, often with rewards to boot. The rewards are only there to encourage a confirmation bias, and so engage the stupid politician/individual to continue on that path. These cleverly engineered situations encourage the use of heuristics, which in simple terms are a shortcut in the human brain we use to reach a conclusion quickly and without having to engage complex thinking and reasoning. We saw this in the ‘plandemic’ when otherwise clinically clever people, abandoned all of their previously held knowledge and ability to think with clarity, and bought into the propaganda of “safe and effective” being peddled by the mainstream. In doing so, they did not have to waste time and effort looking at any evidence for or against that narrative, because they were relying on ‘trusted’ sources, so, no need to scrutinize, even though we had no bloody idea what these things may do to our biological integrity, or indeed, our DNA.

Stupid people are dangerous, because they can not and will not comprehend the other side of the argument or view, they are so programmed that they see you as dangerous for suggesting that there is another view. This often spurs the stupid person into anger, because, to them, you are verging on being traitorous. The stupid person will surround themselves with other stupid people, they form a group, target those with opposing views, and exhibit no remorse for any harm caused.

Such is the power of propaganda from the mainstream media, commentators, and official spokespersons, (from where the stupid gather their information), that to them, you are the enemy. They have the weight of public opinion on their side, they do not pause to question or examine the validity of the data they hear or read, because they inherently believe that large institutions, people with money and those who have the platform, clearly have the knowledge, and possess the answers. It would not occur to them that those with the money are able to buy and alter the data, purchase and control the platform, and pay off the dissenters.
Debating with a stupid person is a thankless task, they fail to listen to the argument, convince themselves that they heard the opposite of what you stated, launch into a counteroffensive, then declare themselves ‘the winner’. It is impossible.

In conclusion then, we, the sane, need to distance ourselves from stupid people, they are, and will always be dangerous, like a vehicle with no brakes. There is no merit, nor any need, to try to ‘get them on-side’, to do so wastes time and energy and can result in us losing faith in humanity and discouraging us from placing our efforts where they can be of benefit. Be free with information but be careful where you share it, as we do not live in a free society. History shouts this to us and we would be really stupid not to heed that warning. These are NOT normal times, we are at war. In truth, we do not know how this will end, but I proffer that it is always better to be on the right side of history and be able to answer to our soul with a clear conscience, than be absorbed into the darkness that pervades currently.