This Is Me

This is me
(1215 not 1984)

Poem by Keith Brown

This is me

I do not wear a mask

To hide my face

To show homage to the crowd

I do not test myself

For a disease you tell me I have

I do not hide at home

I live the life God gave me

I do not kill a nan

By breathing

I will not sanitise my thoughts – or my hands

Because you tell me to

I am a white heterosexual middle class male

But my thoughts are diverse

I am not “anti-vaxxer”

I am not “conspiracy theorist”

I am not “fascist”

I am not the label you put on me

“Be kind”

“Me too”

“No exceptions”

Freedom is the thoughts I have generated in my own head

Not the thoughts you nudge me into

This is me

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