It Is Never Too Late to Wake Up and Stand Your Ground

By John Fisher

How does a layman write about a way out of the most complex and sinister event in world history?

This is a war, it took over a year to accept it. The cleverest and most patient of beings are behind this world injection program, controlling world events from a safe distance.

Amazingly this war has rules. And as crazy as it sounds, the rules are very simple. The victims of this war must agree, volunteer themselves and give-in to coercion and lies fed by Politicians and Mainstream Media.

The object is to keep injecting the world’s population while feeding them fear while money changes hands and new control systems are brought in.

Countries are throwing themselves at it and trashing their recently harmonious lifestyles and fragile economies, so a few may earn recognition and a place in who-knows-what in time to come. We’re seeing this everywhere, but not on the ‘old’ news.

All of us have been played like puppets, one by one we have pulled off the highway to hell. Trading privileges like restaurants, concerts and travel for Real Freedom. Are you realising your ‘new’ freedom is a privilege that now hangs on a thread for another injection? That it just doesn’t make sense anymore?

Now we all know the injections don’t work, that there have been no real excess deaths around the world, that there was never a real pandemic, that you don’t need a test to tell when you’re sick.

The only way to fight it is to stop being led. If you need help to do this you need to find someone who has strength and not be too proud to ask. It is never too late to wake up and stand your ground.

In the meantime don’t listen to one more lie. Get off the Mainstream Media and stop listening to Politicians, they’re all in it for themselves and you will be left in a creek without a paddle once they’re finished with you.

There are ancient laws at play in all this, hence the rules and their self-removal. Using our doctors, nurses, police and military against us. We will find that we have been heavily duped since the end of World War II, possibly longer. There are so many questions and if we all stand our ground we can end this and get justice for us all. Remove those who have controlled us and divided us for over a hundred years.

Learn to trust in your gut, to follow your nose, to work your way around their system. Don’t give them what they want, as hard as it is to believe you can no longer trust authority.