Jonathan Weissman on Covid-19 Vaccines: What You Should Have Been Told

On Saturday 17 September 2022, I delivered a presentation entitled, “COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Should Have Been Told.”

A fully referenced copy of my presentation slides is available at my website, alongside interviews, podcasts, speeches, detailed reports, articles, other conference presentations, posters and more.


00:00 Start

Part 1) Origin Story: US taxes illegally funded the design of the virus
01:23 Gain of Function Research in China
02:50 Biosafety Breaches and Lab Leaks
04:45 Key Characters Behind GoF Research
06:26 DARPA-Funding DEFUSE Proposal
08:12 A Brief History of CoV GoF Research
10:05 Timeline of SARS-CoV-2 Origin Story

Part 2) Defective Biotech: Known safety risks were recklessly ignored
12:40 Synthetic mRNA Designed in One Hour
14:25 Anfinsen’s Dogma: A Wrong Assumption
15:54 Codon Optimisation: A Quick Review
18:16 Lessons Learnt from Factor IX Gene Therapy
20:09 G4 Quadruplexes: An Emerging Risk
21:38 Spike as an Amyloid
24:39 Integration into Human Genome?

Part 3) Signal Detection: Evidence of harm is completely undeniable
26:48 Approve, Inject, Signal Detect?
27:11 Thai Prospective Adolescent Study
28:34 Young Males and Myocarditis
31:35 Disease and Death: The Bigger Picture

Part 4) Philosophy of Science: Christians must distinguish the holy from profane
33:41 Humans as Hackable Animals
34:29 WHO COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy
35:53 Significant Human Protein Contamination
39:45 Contaminants in BNT162b2
41:57 Public Health and Pharmakeia
43:29 COVID-19, Disease X and Immunisation Agenda 2030
44:22 Evolution and Transhumanism Outro
45:32 Conclusion
45:52 Brief Thoughts from the Word of God
49:19 Thank You for Listening