Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government Is Hiding

… and What the Whistleblower Wanted to Warn Us About—a Tsunami of Health Issues

The Korean National Health Insurance Service tabulates health data of the whole population, including vaccination status, which allows researchers to compare the ongoing health outcomes of the vaccinated with the unvaccinated. Precisely the information our government is hiding from independent researchers and public scrutiny—comparative data, which we have been requesting they release.

So what have they found in Korea? Researchers have released a preprint paper entitled “Hematologic abnormalities after COVID-19 vaccination: A large Korean population-based cohort study“. Haematologic diseases are diseases of the blood and blood forming organs. The researchers randomly selected half of the population of Seoul (around 4.2 million people) aged 20 and above and identified people who had received treatment for a range of blood disorders. They excluded people who had a history of blood disorders prior to the study period and then compared the rate of development of blood disorders among the vaccinated and unvaccinated over a three month period.

The researchers concluded:

“This study demonstrated the haematologic adverse events associated with COVID-19 vaccination using real-world data. The cumulative incidence rate of nutritional anaemia, aplastic anaemia, and coagulation defects significantly and constantly increased for 3 months after the COVID-19 vaccination compared to the non-vaccinated group.”

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