Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government Is Hiding

… and What the Whistleblower Wanted to Warn Us About—a Tsunami of Health Issues The Korean National Health Insurance Service tabulates health data of the whole population, including vaccination status, which allows researchers to compare the ongoing health outcomes of the vaccinated with the unvaccinated. Precisely the information our government is hiding from independent researchers

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Spy In Your Car

Don’t Connect Your Phone To Your Car! Modern cars are a privacy nightmare. It’s worse than you realize. In this video we dive into all the types of data your car is collecting about you: from video footage, microphone recordings, location data, biometrics, all the way to files/contacts/photos ingested from your phone! (NBTV, with Naomi

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Up to 20% Rise In Excess Deaths – International ‘Phenomenon’

Donnelly denies knowing about excess deaths post-Covid: Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly denies knowing whether there have been excess deaths in the post-Covid period, and says he’d “need to see the data” before he could comment. Question by Ben Scallan. (Gript Media/YT) See also: Debate On Excess Deaths – Meet at Parliament Square Stop the

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