Spy In Your Car

Don’t Connect Your Phone To Your Car! Modern cars are a privacy nightmare. It’s worse than you realize. In this video we dive into all the types of data your car is collecting about you: from video footage, microphone recordings, location data, biometrics, all the way to files/contacts/photos ingested from your phone! (NBTV, with Naomi

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Up to 20% Rise In Excess Deaths – International ‘Phenomenon’

Donnelly denies knowing about excess deaths post-Covid: Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly denies knowing whether there have been excess deaths in the post-Covid period, and says he’d “need to see the data” before he could comment. Question by Ben Scallan. (Gript Media/YT) See also: Debate On Excess Deaths – Meet at Parliament Square Stop the

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Good Versus Bad – Public Perception of the Covid Issue, Massively Skewed

By Ivan Fraser Globally, governments are drastically oversimplifying extremely complex data down to two simplistic categories: a latitude of Good and longitude of Bad. The consequences of which have created a public perception of the Covid issue which is massively skewed. Most people are entirely unaware of the actual data. But they are largely aware

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