Latin Mass Attendance – More People Needed to Prevent Shutdown

The Tridentine Latin Mass which used to be the standard rite in all Catholic churches until the 1960s (and in all Christian churches before protestantism), is very much under attack from the Vatican, and the communities feel threatened. Despite suppression under the current papacy, and in contrast to other mainstream churches, the Latin Mass attendance seems to increase in popularity, especially among young families. People searching authentic catholicity and the sacred often find this in the traditional ancient rite of the Latin Mass.

Here is a request sent to us by a reader:

Dear All

Fr Stephen is asking for more people attending the traditional Latin Mass on Sundays 5.30 pm in Our Lady of Willesden shrine.

The shrine needs to have a number of at least 30 people attending. Otherwise, the Latin Mass will not be allowed to be celebrated by the Diocese of Westminster. Please share.

There are many other masses (Novus Ordo) with less than 30 attending which are not under any threat.

St Mary’s in Willesden is a parish church in north-west London and also contains the national shrine of Our Lady of Willesden:


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