Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. Christ is King. May he reign now and forever… The truth will prevail! Franz Liszt: Christus – 14 Resurrexit -Finale (Monteverdichor Würzburg/YT): Monteverdichor Würzburg Matthias Beckert (cond.) Recorded on may 15, 2011 at the Neubaukirche, Würzburg, Germany Resurrexit tertia die!Christus vincit, Christus regnat,Christus imperatIn sempiterna sæcula.Amen. Christus resurrexit – Dominikanie Służew

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Freedom Books

How to Avoid Digital Slavery is filled with exciting fiction and valuable advice and will help you take back control and live a healthy life in freedom. Book details: Hardcover; 300 pages; Size: 21.59 cm x 13.97 New: with red bookmark ribbon! All book purchases support our work. Many thanks for your support! Find more

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Dr Karen DeVore Describes the Horrific Injuries and Deaths She’s Seen from the Covid ‘Vaccines’

Dr. DeVore testifies before South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee on DHEC: “In 30 years of practising dermatology, I have never seen patients describe their symptoms this way… I urge you today to stand up for medical freedom! Remember, it is our Hippocratic oath to first do no harm.” (Understanding the Lies/Bitchute) Detox after

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