Letter to a Mainstream Straddler

Live Not by Half-Lies

By Margaret Anna Alice

“We have so hopelessly ceded our humanity that for the modest handouts of today we are ready to surrender up all principles, our soul, all the labors of our ancestors, all the prospects of our descendants—anything to avoid disrupting our meager existence. We have lost our strength, our pride, our passion. We do not even fear a common nuclear death, do not fear a third world war (perhaps we’ll hide away in some crevice), but fear only to take a civic stance! We hope only not to stray from the herd, not to set out on our own, and risk suddenly having to make do without the white bread, the hot water heater …

“We have internalized well the lessons drummed into us by the state; we are forever content and comfortable with its premise: we cannot escape the environment, the social conditions; they shape us, ‘being determines consciousness.’ What have we to do with this? We can do nothing.

“But we can do—everything!—even if we comfort and lie to ourselves that this is not so. It is not ‘they’ who are guilty of everything, but we ourselves, only we! …

“But it will never come unstuck by itself, if we all, every day, continue to acknowledge, glorify, and strengthen it, if we do not, at the least, recoil from its most vulnerable point.

“From lies.”

—Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Live Not by Lies, The Solzhenitsyn Reader: New and Essential Writings, 1947–2005

I get it. You don’t want to be called a “conspiracy theorist.”

You don’t want to be tarred an “anti-vaxxer.” A “science-denier.” A “far right-wing extremist.”

They tell you right to your face what they’re doing.

But if you turn around and quote them, you’re the crazy one.

If you ask why a child, teen, athlete, or other healthy adult suddenly had a heart attack, got turbo cancer, or died, you’re the “truly disgusting” one.

If you provide scientific evidence that a warp-sped experimental injection being peddled by a trillion-dollar industry in collusion with governments, federal agencies, the media, and Big Tech is dangerous, you—not the corporations raking in billions—are the grifter.

If you ask what’s causing the sudden deaths and injuries that began surging in 2021 in hopes of preventing future such tragedies, you’re “morally reprehensible” (and yet “mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths … may be necessary”).

If you point out that we should maybe think twice about pushing a product estimated to have killed thirteen million human beings and counting, you are the “major killing force globally” and guilty of “undermin[ing] public confidence” in said product.

If you call genocide genocide, you are the enemy, the misinformation spreader, the anti-semite.

If you dare point out Never Again is already happening, you get inquisitioned—even though Holocaust survivors and their relatives agree.

If you call out governments for practicing totalitarianism and enacting policies that cause lethal collateral damage, you’re the granny-killer.

If you challenge people to face the livid, electrifying grief of those who have lost loved ones to financially incentivized hospicide, you are making them uncomfortable.

You know you’re living in a world of lies when the mob is more enraged at the whistleblowers revealing the deceptions, corruption, and murder than they are at the lying liars, corrupt corrupters, and murdering murderers themselves—indeed, they trip over themselves racing to defend their narcissistic abusers.

As Edward Snowden says:

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!”

But guess what?

Once they start calling you all those hideous names, you realize they’re nothing more than magician’s smoke.

You gradually start to give fewer and fewer f*cks.

You know you’ve hit zero when you feel the exhilarating liberation that comes from shouting the unfettered truth.

That’s the words-can-never-hurt-you stage.

You become untouchable.

You start collecting libels like Purple Hearts.

The more scars you can count, the more evidence of your efficacy, your threat to the hegemony.

That’s when you can truly LIVE. And by truth, not by lies.

If enough of us stand up and do that, we can hold the perpetrators accountable. We can present the unadulterated evidence of their crimes. And we can find justice … or die trying—like the members of the White Rose, whose piercing words still ring out nearly a century later:

“We will not keep silent. We are your guilty conscience.”

I’m going to tell you a secret.

Stick it out long enough, and that tarnished reputation turns into burnished gold.

Because when you are slandered by the propagandists, that means you are the good guy, even though the menticided public believes the opposite.

In Upside-Down World, persisting in seeing things right-side up—despite the incessant, relentless, never-ending gaslighting—means you have valiantly guarded your most precious possessions: your integrity and your sanity.

As E. E. Cummings writes:

“To be nobody but yourself — in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.”

Most gratifying of all, you will find fellow members of your karass, and together you will set about fulfilling your wampeter.

Once you are living in alignment with your values, you will feel the deepest joy fathomable.

And when the COVID criminals have been found guilty, when the spells dissolve, the people will gradually awaken from their coma and recognize you for the hero you are.

Or not. Most will be too ashamed to admit they’ve been conned. To realize they shielded fascist tyrants and attacked those trying to rescue them.

Few find that courageous humility within themselves to acknowledge their complicity in totalitarianism.

And so they will swathe themselves in soothing denial and lash out at anyone who tries to puncture it.

But you will keep trying, anyway. Because that’s what truth-tellers do. That’s what people who care about saving lives do. That’s what people of integrity do, whether or not anyone ever recognizes it.

You know in your heart what is true, and you speak it. And no one one can ever shut you up again.

Even if they kill you.

Your bravery will outlive you.

Your words will remain like candles, lighting the path for future truth-droppers. And you will be at peace, in life and beyond.

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