Letter to the Police

A reader has sent us a copy of a letter directed to the police. He is also planning to attend the station on Wednesday to deliver crime notices and to ask for vaccine suspension. Well done to all who are active in the defence for the safety of our children and humanity!

Dear Chief Inspector Bodley

Thank you for the letter (dated July 4) and reading the evidence I have amassed. I appreciate the Police are in a difficult position. I hope you are grateful to me for bringing to your attention the fact that people are dying in unknown but quite large numbers from the “vaccines”/lethal injections; that thousands of young women especially are likely to be afflicted in the coming months and years with narcolepsy – a health and life destroying condition which requires lifelong special care; that thousands of people will be suffering from other excruciating and incurable neurological and psychiatric conditions; that large numbers of children will grow up with irreparable brain damage and limitation as a result of in effect forced mask wearing where the evidence was available before of the risks; that thousands of people are going to be blinded and deafened on top of the hundreds who have already been harmed; that Mr Whiteman, Debbie Warren, Dr Subarayan, Mr Kennett- Brown, Chris Lloyd et al are paying no attention to the Nuremberg Code which was formulated to protect society from medical experimentation – neither are they paying any attention to the deaths, maiming, blinding, deafening and other horrifying injuries being inflicted upon the vulnerable and innocent.

These vulnerable and innocent and children who cannot defend themselves depend on you – the community has entrusted you and pays you handsomely to afford them protection and maintain the Common Law of our country. On the basis of the evidence I provided to you from Government declarations and the facts cited in the vaccine analysis reports – there is no doubt that Common Law assaults are happening in the vaccine centres in Greenwich (specifically at the Clover Clinic at General Gordon Sq); that Mr Whiteman is running a homicidal programme and reign of terror and that if the Police takes no action many children are going to be killed, maimed, sterilized, diseased or traumatized for ever.

Chief Inspector – you don’t allude to the fact that the MET has a seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board and the right to, for example, question Mr Whiteman, NHS Board members and Councillors as to the number of suspected deaths happening in Greenwich from the “vaccines”/lethal injections and how many patients are being paralysed, neurologically destroyed or maddened (through hallucinations, mania, paranoia etc conditions) which may cause the victims to require police attention at some point. The Police have a legitimate interest in effects which will impact on their duties and to be assured that homicides are not happening on their watch.

Could I therefore – out of deep pain, anxiety and compassion for those suffering and about to suffer- ask you ( no – instruct you) to review your decision and authorize your best detective to ask the questions I have asked of Mr Whiteman and Debbie Warren and get the answers from them which they are refusing with contempt to give me? I tabulate below further evidence and witness of world historic crimes being committed by British state functionaries which now match the crimes of Hitler + Nazism and Stalin and Pol Pot + Communism. I particularly draw your attention to the witness of Mike Yeadon that the “vaccines” may have a 3-year life expectancy consequence, The defenceless children of Greenwich and South East London deserve the best of the Metropolitan Police and its observance of oath to protect the People their lives and their human rights and to uphold the Law without fear or favour so help you God.

I am available to discuss the evidence with you or your best detective and to answer any questions arising to your active minds.

Paul Ursell

Yellow Card reports of adverse reactions and deaths from covid ‘vaccines’: https://thewhiterose.uk/1403-covid-jab-deaths-reported-in-uk/

Addition: Evidence of Fact

To South East London division – THE MET

Good morning, Commander Aitkin or whoever is left standing responsible for the Peace, Law and Order in Greenwich + South East London: This is to confirm to you our intention to present evidence at your station on Wednesday morning from 9 A M. We are prepared to wait peacefully and quietly all morning to see a policeman with authority to discuss the matters which are grievously tormenting our consciences. We are doing this on behalf of the children of our future who cannot speak or defend themselves. Please be aware we may be few, but many others would come if their employment and family duties did not prevent. There are others as well who have trepidation about the Police or because of late events no confidence in the Police. I have been seeking to encourage people to remember that in England there is policing by consent and when Policemen recover their wits and sense of dignity (as they must, to have a life and a family) they will obey the Law and seek to apply it without fear or favour. I tell people what you also believe that no one is above the Law but is answerable to evidence of fact. I will be attending also with the spirit of my father who gave 7 years of his life serving in the Royal Air Force opposing steadfastly Nazism and standing for liberty, for the Peace, for Law, Order and the Right – for God, for England and St George.

Faithfully Paul Ursell