Australia: 160 Pupils Accidentality Vaccinated Instead of ‘Only’ 16 Aborigines

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with Friday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

  • Grant Schapps Clarifies Vaccine Based Apartheid
  • One Rule For Them And…
  • Vaccine Safety and Efficacy
  • COVID Infection Rate Much Lower For The Vaccinated Honest!
  • Twitter Truth Rules Out Any Vaccination Comparison With Nuremberg
  • Australian Bizarre Vaccine Incident
  • Moderna mRNA vaccines for Flu and COVID combined
  • 700,000 Fewer BBC Licence Fee Payers
  • Police Planning For Protests
  • UK Life Sciences Industrial Complex Exports
  • PCR Cases Scupper Tokyo Olympics
  • The Lambda Variant
  • Genomic Sequencing of Babies Is Fine Apparently
  • DHSC Reports
  • Who Would Have Thought That a Test and Trace App for Doctors Would Result In Them All Having To Self Isolate?
  • Biden Administration and Others To Go Door To Door To Coerce Vaccination


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