Crime Report Concerning Vaccine Event at Greenwich Park

To: Southwark PoliceTHE BOROUGH COMMANDERC/O Inspector Leech ( and Inspector Satchell)323 Borough High St, London, SE1 1JL Dear Chief Inspector Leech, I spoke to you yesterday – 17th of July. I informed you according to public duty of possible serious crimes being committed by London Authorities – of deception, wilful and criminal negligence, fraud and

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Crime Report on Vaccine Assault

Commandant Bulldog or whosoever is left standing and competent at the station responsible for the Peace, Law and Order in Little Blighty and South East Lilliput: you will be aware that an assembly of the People testified yesterday at your headquarters. Serious crime reports were delivered or registered. Sergeant Schwarz was presented with incontrovertible evidence

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Australia: 160 Pupils Accidentality Vaccinated Instead of ‘Only’ 16 Aborigines

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with Friday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: Grant Schapps Clarifies Vaccine Based Apartheid One Rule For Them And… Vaccine Safety and Efficacy COVID Infection Rate Much Lower For The Vaccinated Honest! Twitter Truth Rules Out Any Vaccination Comparison With Nuremberg Australian Bizarre Vaccine Incident Moderna mRNA vaccines for

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