Little Did I Know, People Have Been Needlessly Dying for Years

By Dr Paul Marik

I have truly been on an astonishing journey these past three years. Before COVID, you might say I had “drunk the Kool-Aid” — I trusted that medical journals were factual and deemed what I learned in medical school to be the definitive truth. Basically, I believed the narrative.

Although I’ve never been shy about challenging the status quo as it relates to treatment (e.g. my Sepsis protocol using Vitamin C), I was able to pursue my life’s work and passion with little pushback and had no idea the depths of the deceit and corruption that had infested my chosen profession. I was treating patients, researching, and teaching — free to honor my oath and save lives every day.

Or so I thought. Around the world, the Medical Industrial Complex was building, growing, and gaining power. For decades, this powerful force brazenly censored doctors who promoted natural treatments and repurposed drugs; shut down scientists who countered the narrative and called out dangerous new pharmaceuticals; and bought off hospitals, practices, journals, and medical conferences.

Sadly, as I have come to learn, healthcare in our country (and around the world) promotes neither health nor care.

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When COVID arrived, a bright light was shone on the dark, unethical corners of our medical system. At FLCCC, our team developed treatment plans because people were needlessly dying for lack of treatment. Little did I know, people have been needlessly dying for YEARS. The powers that be, whether for financial or other reasons, have suppressed safe, effective therapies for countless diseases. Take that in for a moment . . . they have purposely hidden and disallowed treatments.

And so I wonder today, how many people have lost their lives over the past century because they didn’t have information about helpful therapeutics and interventions for cancer? My heart breaks for those who needlessly lost their lives and for their families who mourn them. Because despite what you may have heard, traditional cancer treatments often actually CAUSE metastasis. Cancer drugs bring big profits but they also bring further sickness and death.

While I am not the first person to recommend repurposed drugs as an adjunct to cancer treatment (how many physicians have been shut down??) and I certainly don’t claim to have found a cure, I will forever be bound by my Hippocratic Oath and could not stand by idly without speaking up and sharing my research and findings.

We have recently published our ‘Cancer Care’ monograph on our website free of charge and it will soon be available in book form, in response to the many people who asked for a hard copy. Additionally, we are submitting this research to multiple journals. Hopefully there is at least one honest publication out there that will print it.

(Source: Newsletter from Dr Paul Marik, 22 July 2023)

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