Medical Treatment

Treating Covid Injection Injuries

By Robyn Chuter As the experimental covid-19 injection body count piles up, the need to develop effective therapies for the ever-growing laundry list of injuries is becoming increasingly urgent. Yet people who have suffered such injuries face almost insurmountable barriers to receiving treatment within our existing “sick care” system: Getting symptoms recognised as adverse reactions

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Doctor Finds Treatment For Jab Victims: Major Improvement in Blood

The latest Covid-19 variant they’re using to justify permanent lockdowns is the omicron variant, coming out of South Africa. Of course, after omicron will come some other variant, and then another, for as long as the government feels like controlling our lives. You know where this is leading: They want universal vaccine mandates, for everyone,

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Shocking Audio Tapes Prove Hospitals Are Actively Mistreating Sick Covid Patients

Short version: Hear the explosive audio recordings of doctors and hospital administrators denying covid patients visitors, doctor-prescribed ivermectin, and even nutrition and hydration. (Life Site News/Rumble) Long version: This explosive press conference presents shocking recordings of hospital executives discussing coordinated plans to restrict fluids and nutrition for hospitalized covid patients, suppression of all visits for

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