Manic and Panic

Some reflections on those early days, by Roy R M McIntosh

When I look back on late 2019 and early 2020 it is easy to see the manic and panic seeds that were being planted into people. A friend told me that in her office panic had set in, and a few were crying because of the bombardment of evil from the government, the WHO and the media. Then there was the manic behaviour in shops, distancing, avoiding people and then people fighting over toilet rolls. It was as if everybody had a dose of the runs!

On the 15th of March I flew to Gibraltar to meet up with my son who was sailing home on the Defender. I left Edinburgh airport and things were not too bad but once in London I saw people with masks and others clearly avoiding people. At Gibraltar things were pretty calm, at first… My son, also Roy, had booked a hotel for us as it was to be his first night on shore for a bit. I went out for a walk as there was no sign of him, his ship had not arrived yet but whilst on my walk his ship had arrived, and he had shot off the ship to the hotel. When I came back, I found him asleep.

We decided to go out for something to eat and found a chippie called Roy’s! We filled our bellies there and then went to meet up with some other sailor lads at the pub. I was introduced to them as I was to be joining the ship with other civilians (family members) to sail home to Portsmouth. The beer was flowing freely and plenty of laughter and then suddenly an announcement was made! Manic and Panic was clearly arriving at Gibraltar. The pub was closing at 20.00 hrs! The sailor lads started joking—does this covid just come out after 8pm? Next thing the sailor lads were messaged that they had to be back on board by 21.00hrs!

So we all decided to part company and head to where we were to sleep. In my son’s case, back to the hotel. He had wondered if he should go back to the ship. So, it was back to the hotel and lo and behold the hotel bar was still open. An early bit of the madness unfolded there in my eyes. Now all the ship’s company had to be back onboard by 21.00hrs, but who was there at the hotel? The captain! He was there till at least 23.00hrs and then left with a couple of others. He could not have said to my son, why are you not onboard! I went off to bed about midnight and left my son in the care of some hen-party -oh to be a sailor lad! No idea what time he came in.

Anyway, next morning it was breakfast and then down to join the ship. Now I had a slight cough and had the cough for a few months but was over the worst of it. But my son said: “Do not cough on that ship!” So onboard it was and me muffling any wee cough and I had a nice introduction to other crew members. Had a coffee in the mess room and then it was all hands-on deck and off to sea!

We sailed out of Gibraltar and I got some nice photographs. My son had duties to do, so I and some other family members started to get known to one another. That evening the bar was open for a bit and I joined the company. At one stage I coughed and like a film scene all eyes were on me. One fella said what to me what is is wrong with you? I replied I suffer from chronic bronchitis, which I do, so that seemed to work.

Up on the 17th of March and it was my birthday. 61 or 71 I just do not remember, ha, ha, ha. Now two manic and panic incidents happened. We were shown the firefighting department and were allowed to try on the heat seeking goggles or whatever you call them. They take temperature. Who were they aimed at—by the instructor? Then it was onto see the helicopter! Once again on front is a large camera that takes temperature. Who was it aimed at? Now by this time we were in the Bay of Biscay, so I am glad I did not have a temperature or I think I would have been in the Bay and swimming home. I did hear talk that a submarine was tailing us. Maybe they would have picked me up! They had baked a cake for me, so it was not all bad.

We stopped at Plymouth to let the Marines off and also to pick up other family members. None showed up. Manic and Panic once again. The joining of other family members had been cancelled! Then it was onward bound to Portsmouth. As the ship had been away for around six months, there should have been a welcoming party of sorts. Manic and Panic cancelled that!

I had a flight already booked for Edinburgh in a couple of days. Manic and Panic cancelled that and I had to wait for another few days staying at son’s house. The flight from Southampton to Edinburgh was a real eye-opener. The Manic and Panic had really set in and folk were scared to look at one another. You look at me and I shall spray you with the Chinese Wizard Covy was the message you got.

Edinburgh Airport, Manic and Panic, Manic and Panic in a double doze. It was as if a brush had swept the place clean including people! Onto the tram into Edinburgh and once again Manic and Panic. No one sitting close to one another and only a handful of people, and they sure stared when I sat close to what turned out to be an Irish fella. I was off first and the look of Manic Panic in the eyes of a few when we said cheers and shook hands!

Now we have seen all sorts of things to batter more of that Manic and Panic into people: “Wash your hands, save Granny, wear a mask, social distancing (with all sorts of things put in place for that), get tested, get the jabs…

Whilst on the other hand there were all sorts of cheating and rule breaking by those bullying and battering the public!
Now do I see a slight change in where the Manic and Panic is shown. In France, we have seen military vehicles on the streets. In Canada the perfidious leader has brought in emergency measures. Scotland has just announced jabs for five-year-olds I have heard. Allegedly Canada gets a kickback from many of the jabs that are dished out. I can see how it has been so evil Manic and Panic there! Are the Satan Gates Cult leaders beginning to get a bit Manic and Panic?

Using the first letters from the two words Manic and Panic there are many words to describe those that have been so evil and also those that just go along with it (M for maggots/murderers/morons/muppets/malicious and P for perfidious/puppets). I am sure more could be added.