Mask Mandate Is Pure Nonsense – We Are All Exempt from Wearing a Mask

The ‘mandate’ to wear masks in shops and on public transport is pure nonsense as is the latest fake variant scare. Nothing has changed. Every person in the UK is exempt from mask wearing and all associated fines and coercion, this includes workers, school children, and all adults who declare themselves exempt in all public places including shops, hospitals and public transport. Feeling distress is reason enough to declare yourself exempt and no proof or reason for your exemption is required by law.

​If you feel physically or mentally distressed by wearing a mask for any reason, you are exempt.

You do not need to explain to anybody why you are exempt OR provide medical documentation of your exemption. See Govt Guidelines

​​Under the equality Act of 2010, you can claim compensation up to £9000 if you are discriminated against due to your mask exemption.

​Govt Guidelines say you should NOT challenge members of the public for proof. Refusing entry based on a disability is an offence which you are personally liable for. Company policy does NOT supercede the Equality Act 2010.

​​Key Scientific Facts

​There is no reliable or policy-grade evidence that face masks can reduce the risk from covid-19.

N95 masks filter 95% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or larger. covid-19 particles are .08 – .12 microns.

Prolonged mask use increases the risk of catching respiratory illnesses.

Scientists have found evidence that some face masks are laced with toxic chemicals. ​

Studies point out the likelihood that babies are significantly harmed by general masking practices.


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