May Individual Members of the Medical Profession Not Succumb to the Indoctrination Campaign!

By Max Thrust

At a time when those most vulnerable to the more serious and life-threatening symptoms of the “disease” have been “vaccinated”, and the reality of mortality at an average age of 83, with 95% dying with co-morbidities, and a 99.7% recovery rate is already long past, the myth of “the deadliest virus known to mankind” and the obsession with “vaccination” as the world’s only salvation is yet ruthlessly perpetuated; it is even proposed now to “vaccinate” children.

Credulous millions, terrified and indoctrinated by the iniquitous propaganda machine of government, its teams of behavioural psychologists, neurolinguistic practitioners, health bureaucrats, the media and the legerdemain of the RT-PCR test, are ingenuously obedient, dutifully observing the rites and echoing the mores of the cult into which they have been unwittingly initiated. Thousands queue, and millions have already queued, for minimally tested, experimental gene manipulations masquerading as “vaccines”, clueless surrogate lab rats, goaded by a fictional threat to their lives with the assurance of safety by unashamedly blatant NHS lies and empty promises of liberty. The toll of death and injury is colossal and mounting, but suppressed, dismissed as unrelated, as if inconsequential. It constitutes a cynical, monumental betrayal of the public; it is cold, calculated, stage-managed genocide. Beneath its cloak, society is being robbed of its democratic freedoms and stealthily re-shaped into a dystopian, authoritarian nightmare, building on groundwork prepared through subterfuge over at least a generation. It is the road to penury and serfdom.

I continue to be hopeful that individual members of the medical profession may not have entirely succumbed to the indoctrination campaigns, disinformation strategies and totalitarian pressure for conformity to the official narrative of the agenda to which the world has been subjected. Yet only a very few, the bravest, most conscientious of souls, are prepared to publicly take a stand against the tyranny and suffer the onslaught of hostility which inevitably follows when the truth begins to be exposed. Others, whose integrity they have sacrificed to more material self-interest, even choose to participate in the delusion. Sadly, the majority remains timorously silent, as if “Do No Harm” did not extend to resigned complicity.