More Heartfelt Thoughts on Gaza

By Dr Vernon Coleman

I cannot get the pictures of Gaza out of my mind.

The relentless cruelty exhibited is genuinely nauseating and I am ashamed to live on the same planet (or to be a member of the same species) as Netanyahu, Sunak, Biden and their ilk.

The American and British Governments have pledged their undying, permanent support for Israel and policies which can only be described as genocide. In the UK, the politicians and the police seem to want to make it illegal for anyone to criticise Israel’s blatant war crimes. However, there is one consolation: they can’t cancel me from social media because I’ve been totally banned from all social media for years now.

More important, it is a cliché but this is one of those times when we all have to speak up.

It’s one of those `what did you do to stop it’ questions that we will all have to answer one day – if we live long enough.

No one who cares about people can possibly keep quiet and ignore what is happening. It is old-fashioned and probably politically unacceptable to say so but I trained as a doctor, and worked as one, because I wanted to do something to help the sick, the frightened and the needy. I voluntarily retired from general practice, with some reluctance, when I refused to kow tow to bureaucrats who wanted to force me to break my Hippocratic Oath.

I have spent my life fighting for people and animals by campaigning and writing about important issues – and by fighting the establishment in its various manifestations.

What is happening in Gaza is as wicked and as inhuman as anything I can remember witnessing in my life, and what Israel is doing has sickened me. I will sue anyone who describes me as anti-Semitic or a supporter of terrorism (the standard defence for Israel’s actions) but I am ashamed to be a citizen of a country which supports Israel’s genocidal activities – driven, it seems, by insane hatred and a yearning for indiscriminate ethnic cleansing. I am convinced that every sane and sentient being must feel the same way. Sunak and Biden in particular are on the wrong side of history – supporting the systematic, serial slaughter of 2.3 million people – half of them children.

Having looked carefully at the history and the evidence, it seems to me that Israel wants to kill everyone in Gaza, to destroy every building and, presumably, to take the land. It seems to me to be a brutal, inhuman, ruthless one-sided genocide that would have cheered Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun. Israel has dismissed a UN resolution asking for a humanitarian truce and has vowed that it will continue to kill thousands of babies and young children. I know that what Israel said was that it would continue to defend itself but you don’t defend yourself by killing babies and young children – not unless you want to be branded the new Genghis Khan.

The mainstream media seems full of articles defending Israel’s genocidal actions. I honestly don’t understand these rancid, rabid people. Even the Secretary General of the United Nations – an organisation for which I have no affection – has pointed out that the attacks on Israel followed decades of occupation and has accused Israel of clear violations of humanitarian law. Those are simple statements to which no right minded person can object.

I have even seen it said that only supporters of Israel are entitled to march and demonstrate – an oppressive philosophy which suggests to me that some supporters of Israel feel that they are in some way superior to everyone else. It’s like saying you can only vote if you vote woke – a concept which sometimes doesn’t seem all that far away.

As usual, Israel’s supporters have played their traditional cards. They claim, with no evidence whatsoever that anyone who dares to criticise them is anti-Semitic and probably a terrorist too.

That bullying propaganda won’t work anymore. And it will never work again. Israel has forever lost its right to use its past as a get out of jail free card for its sins. In my heart there are, I suspect, at least seven billion people in the world who no longer give a fig for anything the Israelis say.

The bottom line is that no country, not even one which seems to me to consider itself superior to every other country, has the right to slaughter, in cold blood, countless thousands of innocent children, women and men. Those who side with Israel should take a close, hard look at the vast amounts of film which shows Israeli brutality towards children. And remember, half of the 2.3 million people living and dying in what is effectively the world’s largest ever concentration camp are children.

If it is not a war crime deliberately to deprive innocent citizens of food, water, power and fuel then it should be.

If it is not a war crime to bomb churches, hospitals and homes then it should be. (At one point it was reported that the Israelis had told doctors to evacuate a hospital – presumably so that they could bomb it. As far as I know the Israelis did not tell the doctors what to do with the 400 patients and 14,000 civilians in the hospital.)

If it is not a war crime to talk openly about wanting to slaughter over two million people, indiscriminately, then it ought to be.

I am accustomed to reading lies in the main stream media. And I have become accustomed to seeing nothing but sickening propaganda on TV stations. The BBC, for example, has long been a disgrace to journalism, widely distrusted and regarded by many as the world’s leading exponent of misinformation and disinformation.

But what we have seen in the last few weeks has been beyond shameful. In my view, Israel, (and its supporters) has shown us what evil looks like.

Unbelievably, the Israeli ambassador to the UN has referred to the people his country is fighting as Nazis. He may perhaps live to regret the use of that nomenclature since he will, I think, find that many thinking, right minded, independent people will consider he’s got things the wrong way round. His own country seems to me to be out of control, standing outside all laws and fired by a superior sense of self-righteousness.

Only the people around the world who have taken to the streets to demonstrate against this State enforced brutality and violence against people, property and the environment are showing dignity, respect, honesty and responsibility. (Why aren’t the Net Zero enthusiasts complaining vociferously about the damage being done by all those bombs?)

I’m afraid I no longer believe anything said by the Israelis or their supporters. I believe that they have lied constantly and used ancient propaganda techniques to promote their point of view. I believe they lied about the dead babies. (What a traditional propaganda argument that is. I’m surprised they didn’t produce the old canard about the enemy eating babies.) I certainly believe that they lied about not bombing hospitals, churches, mosques and residential homes.

I now ask myself if the original invasion was real? Or was it a false flag operation – sacrificing innocents to excuse the genocide? Why not – the Israelis seem to me to be sacrificing the hostages (which they claim exist) to enable their revenge. (You see what I mean? Once you lose trust then nothing is believable. Israel is like the BBC in that respect.)

Is this simply a route into the World War III which I warned was coming a long time ago? Is this a step towards the nuclear war to kill the billions they want dead and to take the remaining 500 million into the Great Reset and the New War Order?

The only truths are that nothing happens without a reason.

And that everything is taking us deeper towards the destination the globalists have planned for us.

Meanwhile, I’m afraid I have seen Jewish speakers gloating that they are the chosen people and that they intend to destroy everyone in Gaza. I can no more remove those images than I can remove the images of suffering children.

And where next? Will Israel attack the West Bank? Lebanon? And who else will enter the war? As the genocide continues it seems inevitable that Iran will become involved. And who is going to be the first to use a nuclear weapon?

I think it’s now all very simple: the Israelis running this genocidal programme are bad, bad people. This is now all about humanity, human respect, dignity. I believe that the Israelis and their supporters are wrong in every conceivable way. There can be no excuses. If there is a murderer in a nearby town, you don’t go into that town and kill every innocent person just because you can.

I am ashamed to be British because the unelected Sunak, already a war criminal for supplying Ukraine with illegal arms, has announced that Britain will always support Israel.

No it won’t.

I don’t believe that the people of Britain support Sunak’s absurd guarantee. Nor do I believe that the people of America support the increasingly absurd Biden. Most Western politicians are supporting Israel. I’ve seen reports that even the latest Kennedy politician is a staunch supporter of Israel’s actions.

If we survive the next weeks without this slaughter triggering the nuclear war I fear, then at the end of this genocide, there will be suggestions that Israel must be treated as Germany was at the end of World War II. It is undeniable that Israel is a very young nation and is it not possible that it will seem to some that the Israelis have proved that they are not yet mature enough to be allowed to handle weapons?

Is it possible that Israel has been suckered into destroying itself?

Indeed, if we all survive there will, I suspect be questions from some quarters about whether Israel deserves to remain as an independent country. The world will have to impose sanctions – trade, financial and cultural – to ensure that the world’s most potent rogue state is controlled. Should the land upon which Israel sits be handed to the Palestinians and the Israelis invited to move to Ukraine? The more crimes committed by Israel, the greater the chance will be that these questions will be asked.

And there will be other questions too.

What is, or was, the underlying reason behind this genocide?

Is Gaza the role model for the new 15 minute cities?

Why is this war taking place now? Is to distract us from the war in Ukraine (where, it seems, the Russians may have won).

The inevitable consequence of the genocide will inevitably be more protests and terrorist attacks. There are huge populations of Palestinian supporters in most Western countries. A reaction is inevitable.

The result will be more and more oppressive laws (what a surprise there). And eventually, very soon, Martial Law will be imposed.

Meanwhile, we must wait.

And for now the only thing we can do is put pressure on our leaders to make it clear to Israel that their behaviour is unacceptable and inhuman.

It is a long standing rule that if you provide assistance of any kind to a criminal then you too are guilty of that crime. War crimes are no different.

Every Western leader and enthusiastic defender of Israel should be made to realise that anyone who supports Israel will be branded a war criminal. At best their careers will be ruined. At worst they will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

If we escape without seven billion dying then guilty leaders such as Biden and Sunak (and many more) must stand beside Israel’s leaders and face a war crimes tribunal.

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