Open Letter to the Covid Criminal Cartel

This emotional letter was sent to us from a reader. It is addressed to those responsible for the covid fraud, and expresses all the frustrations and sufferings many of us have experienced or are still experiencing:

Our whole being, psyche and hearts have been totally broken with this, as indeed has all trust, our hopes and dreams for the future have all been deliberately crushed, relationships, friendships, even the hope of an end to the absolutely profound loneliness and the sheer brutality of it all, the plethora of scaremongering tactics, many of which are almost inconceivable and many times truly unbelievable. Changing measures from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month which are absolutely and totally relentless; from Police Overreach to what are blatant lies based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, and indeed quite deliberate manipulation of PCR Tests, data and advice and ’emergency laws’. Place three masks on your face for better protection indeed! That comes from Dr Susan Hopkins.

“You have blood on your hands if you do not wear a mask.” That from Prof Hugh Montgomery, who omitted to inform people that he is a Co-Founder, of a Company named Turbinate Technologies LTD, a producer of PPE equipment including masks. Also, Director of a Company named, Panthair LTD who manufacture and supply medical PPE including masks. No conflict of interest there then? (Source: UK Companies House)

With regards to mandatory masks; Dr James Meehan has this to say: “I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. … In February and March we were told not to wear masks. What changed? The science didn’t change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It’s not about science…” (Dr James Meehan)

I could go on, but who would listen to someone who has been abused for so long that one just wants to give up living? You have brutally and indeed deliberately, broken families, friendships, hearts, minds, bodies, freedoms, livelihoods, businesses, hopes, dreams, creativity, peace of mind, the very heart and soul of our countries and indeed all we held dear.

At one point it made me suicidal, because I thought I was alone, being under ‘House Arrest’ and for not committing any crime other than for being a healthy un-vaxed person, despite the constant negative rhetoric and single narrative propaganda…we do exist! All I can say is that I cannot express just how much I hate you greedy, evil, vile, inhuman and indeed inhumane protagonists of propaganda who came up with these absolutely hideous ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and they are criminal acts, and for what you have already done to us all (let alone what you still have planned) and furthermore, I, with a very heavy heart, have to say that I truly believe that what you have, so seemingly glibly undertaken, will take generations to overcome and in many cases it is just too late, the magnitude of the damage caused having already been done and this I believe is totally irreparable now.

You have, through your greed and evil narcissism created a world of division, hurt, regret, fear, relentless scaremongering, sadness, pain and profound sorrow. It is a Dystopian world devoid of common humanity, love and human compassion, a world that I would never want to live in, and you created this ‘Life of Fear’ in such a short space of time. This could only have been undertaken and orchestrated in a planned manner, one presumes, over many years, as it is all encompassing and constantly eats away at the very soul of our common humanity. True narcissism indeed; furthermore in so doing, you have brought out the worst in authority and instigated mistrust and hate between individuals, Governments and indeed the larger communities and pitted people against each other. In fact, you openly encouraged it; I read that you planned for the old adage of: “Divide and Conquer”. You have broken so many of us and that is simply unforgivable.

What you are facing now your ‘House Of Cards’ is beginning to crumble before you, is going to be truly monumental in human history, You cannot buy yourselves out of Justice, the Power and the ‘Money God’ that you worship so much, seemingly over everything else, will not save you this time, your unforgivable intentional brutal acts against Humanity are coming to haunt you forever. You cannot keep up this level of fear, and you are making mistakes and indeed underestimated the intelligence, the exploring minds of the populace and censoring very eminent professionals in their fields who challenged your one-sided narrative. That was a big mistake… If you actually believed in your own narrative, so strongly, you should have had the foresight and the courage to engage in debate and initiate a genuine workable relationship with others and developed a democratic consensus with the support of the world populace, the very people you purport to want to ‘save’. Let me remind you that you do not own the world despite your obscene wealth. You do not run the world. You do not have carte blanche to hold any power over us, as you are an unelected clique with grandiose, unworkable visions of a dystopian future. Let me tell you loud and clear, with millions of unheard voices behind me…you do not now and never will own our future. Why? Because our future does not include your brutal narcissistic totalitarian endeavours… your House of Cards are beginning to fall as the truth will always come out.

You have raped, harmed, brutally hurt our minds, families, children, emotions and bodies, and you have ultimately broken the world. You selfish, greedy, uncaring, brutal narcissistic psychopaths. I hope you get what is coming to you. Whatever form that takes it will never be enough retribution for the direct damage and indeed the collateral damage which cannot even be assessed yet, to individual’s hearts, minds, businesses, families and indeed the whole of our civilised society.

Thank goodness for the good people who have worked so tirelessly, in order to bring this corrupt profoundly evil narrative to the attention of the world. Now, let justice prevail!