Parents Lose Control Over their Children’s Prescriptions

They’re coming for your children…!

CarolinaCARE is a home-delivery pharmacy service in the USA. The prescription program is offered for individuals taking medications for chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as routine medications, such as birth control or inhalers for asthma.

On the log-in site of CarolinaCARE it says that parents will soon not be able to access their children’s account anymore from the age of 12.

Beginning November 1, 2023, children ages 12-17 will need to create a new account on the CarolinaCARE website in order to see or order their prescription medications. Parents will no longer be able to view or manage their child’s prescriptions. If you have a child who will turn 12 after this date, this change will automatically take place on their 12th birthday.

From their online information:

“On the child’s 12th birthday, parental access is automatically blocked and parents will no longer see their child’s prescriptions.”

“The laws are intended to allow minors to receive prescription medication for sensitive issues, without worrying about how their parents may react. This may include treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases that must be reported to the state; pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse; and mental health.”

“In order to protect your child’s privacy and follow state laws, you will not be able to view, access or manage your child’s prescriptions after they turn 12 years old.”

View the full document here: CarolinaCARE_Age_of_Majority_FAQs

What does this tell us?

A child as young as 12 could prescribe to health challenging anti-conception, get injected with the dangerous covid jabs, become a new addict of anti-depressants from BigPharma, or go through the trauma of abortion without their parents knowing or consenting!

Parents pay for the prescriptions and at the same time lose authority over the health of their own child. Meanwhile, the state gains control over children and conditions them to fit their anti-human reset agenda.

Nothing is coincidence, it’s all in their plan.

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