Saving Granny

By Annette Duplain, victim

I went there to save my Granny,
I listened to those lies,
I went there to see my Alfie,
I longed to look in his eyes.
We queued and we waited,
And we stood there in line,
A jab in the arm,
And I’m sure you’ll be fine.
I waited a while and
I did as you said,
But I didn’t feel great,
So went home to bed.
The days they kept coming
More pain and despair,
My eyes they were failing,
The loss of my hair.
The Dr was busy,
The hospital full.
Save the NHS
I fell for that bull.
For that shot it was toxic,
It filled me with clots,
My brain was addled,
My skin full of spots.
My heart was pounding,
But you didn’t agree.
The tests came back
With nothing to see.
My body was shaking,
My head full of pain,
My joints had buckled,
right under the strain.
The Drs pulled rank,
They shut us all down,
They tightened their lips,
And let us all drown.
They left us discarded,
They left us to rot.
The things we complained of
Not caused by this shot.
So we banded together,
And we put up a fight,
The frail and the dying,
To highlight our plight.
We marched and we shouted,
We gathered on line,
We drew strength in our numbers
For our story to shine.
Yet still we were silenced
And told to be quiet
If the truth got out
There’d soon be a riot.
The science was biased
And the data flawed
I pray you never forget
The damage you caused.

Interview with Annette Duplain: Injured by the Oxford-AstraZeneca Jab:

Here is an exclusive interview with a lady called Annette, whom I met on the ‘Truth Be Told’ London Rally on Saturday 21st January 2023.

Annette is regrettably a victim of the toxic ‘Oxford-AstraZeneca’ jab and was pressurised into having 2 shots before it severely altered her life.

This brave and determined woman came out into the icy weather today to not only share her personal story with the general public, but to also show her support and solidarity for the millions of men, women and even children who are succumbing to this nightmare day by day.

The guilty WILL be arrested and put on trial for Crimes Against Humanity. They can try and run, but the truth of their actions will haunt them like a shadow which never leaves. (Love and Freedom/Rumble)