Something Everyone Has to Consider

Sent to us by John Fisher (name changed)

THIS IS NOT a conspiracy theory
THIS IS NOT a waste of your time
THIS IS something every living adult has to consider…

One of two things is happening at the moment regards the pandemic.

  1. Most governments around the world have over-reacted to a strong type of influenza. They can’t stop now because admitting would be a bad political move for their respective parties and the next elections. They have done and said too much and of course so many people have died, both from the virus and the failed vaccine (if you have doubts please research this, it’s now common knowledge that vaccines make no difference to the spread of covid). Governments are in a great deal of trouble and can’t find an out.
  2. There is something sinister going on above government level. Yes above, I would have laughed a short while ago too. Governments are being forced to follow a strict agenda or narrative that is finely tuned and monitored by powerful computers and simulation software. This to serve some great purpose and there is a lot of speculation and conspiracy past this point. Population control/soft-kills, financial reset are two likely but equally wild motives. You do not need to dive in too deep if you’re an accepting person, because the simple facts are: inventing and pushing a pandemic, killing middle-class business, pushing a bunch of rushed medicines, forcing the hand of the world’s most liberal and democratic leaders… would be a lot of effort for something small. So we can accept that if it is no2, it’s going to be big.


We don’t know which of the two scenarios it is, we hope like hell it’s no. 1 and pray like mad it’s not no. 2.
The thing is, no-one can afford to be naive anymore, when leaders start mandating stuff were all protected from by the Nuremberg trials, then they’re under pressure, and they’re leaning on you. The next few months are critical.

Here’s the thing… the markers:
If there is another pandemic sprung upon us before Easter 2022 OR more lockdowns start again OR travel restrictions, health passes and masks are not dropped by end of December 2021, then it’s number 2. So save this message and let’s wait, read no further for now.

If it’s no. 2, then we need to take charge and stop it. HARD!

Remember BLM last year? They were on every news channel and every sport’s field. The media jumped on it hard, why? To divide us at a time when we needed distraction. Now think Vaccines. Division. Then add the health pass. Division. Then think schools, work, travel, restaurants. Division.
No-one likes police brutality, not one single civilian likes it! But the police have done a lot more brutality since back then! Where’s the media now? Where are the journalists checking on the hospitals looking for dirt and people dying from vaccines or after being vaccinated? Pulling politicians for their tyranny and dictatorial style leadership? Why aren’t journalists having a field day like they did with BLM?

We are being divided and led, one step at a time into a position where this big thing can be done or started or whatever.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white or vaccinated or unvaccinated. You are humanity, and you are free to live your life on this here planet. You are free to choose what happens to your body, and you are free to stand up for your freedom and the freedom of others.

Upon hitting one of the markers above, you must as a minimum do the following:
Do not travel
Do not eat out
Do not wear a mask
Do not conform
If you are a man, father, woman, mother you need to stand for your generation, your seniors and the children of this world. The future of humanity! Stand like those brave men in the trenches, and stand firm!
Support each other.
We need each other to end this.
NO more division!