Stop Government Bank Spying Powers

Asking politicians if they want their bank accounts monitored (Big Brother Watch/YT):

Everyone wants fraudulent uses of public money to be dealt with, and the government already has strong powers to check the bank statements of suspects. These new powers to surveil our bank accounts en masse signal government overreach beyond even George Orwell’s worst nightmares.

People who are disabled, sick, carers or looking for work should not be spied on.

We all have a stake in this.

These powers take away our financial privacy like never before and do away with the presumption of innocence.

Anyone can be impacted.

It would not only impact 22.6 million benefit claimants in the UK but also all other accounts in relation, like those of dependents, landlords, and partners.

We need to make our voice as loud as possible, urgently, to let Rishi Sunak know why mass, suspicionless bank spying is a step too far and that the public WILL NOT accept it.

Sign the petition here: Stop the Government from spying on all of our bank accounts

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