Controlling People’s Money Would Be the Ultimate Form of Tyranny

Farage gives update on banking scandal:

I’m back after a short break. PEP status is a scandal and it needs to be dealt with. (Nigel Farage/YT)

Nigel Farage warns about ‘tyranny’ of cashless society after getting debanked

Mr. Brexit Nigel Farage is crying foul after a British banking group that held his money for over 40 years closed his accounts “without explanation.”

“There is an all-out war on cash,” he exclaimed. “It’s about control of our lives at every level. It will inevitably end up with central bank digital currencies.”

Farage revealed on GB News that two months ago he received a phone call from a representative he had never spoken to before. He said he was told that for “purely commercial” reasons his accounts with Coutts bank were being closed.

Stunned, Farage said he considered leaving the country.

“Has Britain gone so far down the road of authoritarianism that it is too late to turn back?” he wondered in an article for The Telegraph.

Farage has also stated that members of his own family were targeted. He has since said that he believes he was “de-banked” for “political” reasons.

“It’s become clear to me that I cannot get a bank account,” he said. “It means that you’ve become a non-person.”

“This is serious political persecution at the very highest level of our system.”

Just days ago, Farage claimed that a total of nine banks have turned him away. He blames a British law regarding “politically exposed persons” for their decisions. He also believes the banking industry is pushing for a cashless society.

“The ultimate fear is if we get CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), we could finish up like the Canadian truckers — people who were within the law, found themselves outside the law, and had their bank accounts frozen. Controlling people’s money would be the ultimate form of tyranny.”

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