Support Us By Ordering Organic Food

Riverford Organic Farmers is a UK based, staff-owned company that delivers organic vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products to your door. Together we can support these small farmers and enjoy healthy food!

How can you support us by ordering food at Riverford’s?

If you click on the link below and place an order, not only will we receive a £15 donation, but you will also receive a £15 discount on your order.

Click here to redeem your £15:

Many thanks for your support!

Please note: We are not directly associated with Riverford Organic Farmers and take no responsibility for orders or any interaction with them. Although we are happy to support farmers and especially organic farming, we cannot guarantee that Riverford Organic Farmers’ background and world view are the same as our own. Please do your own research.

    To donate or purchase any of our products, please visit our shop.

    Many thanks for your support!

    Happy New Year!

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