Watch Irish Resistance

Irish waking up. Vaccine Damage Protest Waterford: Protest against deaths and injuries caused by the current experimental injections that form part of ongoing clinical trials, was joined by many more people when it moved to the city centre, contains interviews with protesters (YT) 28 August 2021 Minutes of silence for those who’ve died of the

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What Has Happened to Ireland?

Ireland, just like many countries in the world, has had some of the most strict lockdowns and covid related restrictions. John-Henry talks with Gemma O’Doherty, an investigative and multi award-winning journalist on-the-ground, who is exposing the growing totalitarian measures, willing to do so even if it means arrest. O’Doherty also reflects on the faith which

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The Irish Light – Issue 1

The Light is a print newspaper that brings some light into these darkish days, by reporting truthfully about covid and other concerns. A refreshing voice, and a rare but important alternative to the corrupt mainstream media. For the first time the Light has now an Irish issue. The extra Irish pages of our successful truthpaper,

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