Menstrual Dysfunction

Unexpected Vaginal Bleeding and Covid-19 Vaccination in Non-menstruating Women

Researchers from Department of Method Development and Analytics, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway demonstrated the evidence of increased risk of unexpected vaginal bleeding in non-menstruating women after the mRNA COVID vaccines. Let’s review their evidence. (Drbeen Medical Lectures/YT) Comment by Roy R M McIntosh: One has to wonder if there is any link

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Poster – Vaccine Injuries In Scotland

Have you been adversely affected by your covid-19 vaccine? The Scottish Vaccine Injury Group is a growing community of Scottish citizens who have either had a serious adverse reaction to or have been bereaved by the covid-19 vaccine. Common diagnoses include: FND Myocarditis Dysautonomia Migraine with aura POTS Mast cell activation syndrome Neuropathy Transverse Myelitis

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