The Ice Age Cometh – News from 1974

By Tom Barron

Never underestimate the ability of scientists to change their minds, keep their options open or just confuse the issue with doublespeak.
Vancouver Sun 1971.

Warming/cooling which is it?

Radio Times 16 Nov 1974 told us a new ice age was coming:

Here’s the trailer:

The 1970s was the decade of global cooling.

The ice age cometh – Science news 1975.

The article:

The last paragraph talks about plans to cover the Arctic with soot to melt the ice.

The Chicago Tribune 1975:

British Newspaper 1974:

The Times 1974

Some actual science. Global cooling is probably happening. The Milankovich cycles seem propaganda free. If the global warming crew had any actual integrity then there would at least be a discussion about cooling offsetting warming.

The Times 1978:

The Times 1979:

Des Moines Sunday Register 1974:


Dec 3 1972
It’s always easier to convince people it’s cold in the winter. Imagine writing a letter like this in July:

The letter from Brown University to The White House that featured large in many global cooling reports.

By 2007 the relentless propaganda is becoming obvious. From The Irish Independent 2007.

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