The Navy Reveals Vax Injuries

The Navy reveals “Myocarditis up 151%, Ischemic heart disease up 69%, pulmonary heart disease up 62% and Heart Failure is up a whopping 973%…” this doesn’t include the other diseases such as cancers and strokes…

It took 5 years for the chimps to die, so it will probably take 10 for most humans that took the death vaxx. Meanwhile the TV is screaming “the flu is here” get your death vaxx. (The Prisoner/Brighteon)

White Rose UK BadgeSmall White Rose Badge

Description: Enamelled metal badge. Size: 16—20 mm. Colours: white and silver (silver looks like black on photos). With butterfly pin clutch in the back.

A symbol for freedom, peace, and truth!

Christmas Bells

Books for under the Christmas tree