The Swine Flu Vaccine Scandal of 1976

There are amazing parallels between both scandals, however there are also important differences.

The Swine Flu vaccine rollout in 1976 started with first shots being given in the USA on 1st October.

However, with medical specialists raising concern and the media reporting the adverse events, the Swine Flu vaccine was pulled from the market on 16 December 1976 after 40 million people had been injected. The Covid vaccine rollout started in the USA on 14 December 2020.

However, medical specialists raising concern were censored and threatened with losing their careers if they spoke out, and the media suppressed reporting on adverse events.

Who knows how long the Swine Flu vaccine program would have continued for back in the 1970s if the level of censorship and groupthink was the same back then as it is today. (Sergeant Major/Bitchute/Craig Kelly/Twitter)

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