Julian Assange – An Attack on Free Speech, Independent Journalism and Public Liberty

Dear White Rose

Thank you again for another invaluable newsletter. I’ve just been to a screening of the documentary film on Julian Assange, The Trust Fall. I felt compelled to write to my MP to do something about freeing Julian.

I know that MP’s teams hardly ever read the letters their constituents send them but they do count the numbers they receive on different topics as a gauge of the strength of public opinion.

I wondered if it would help if The White Rose provided a template for readers to send to their MPs? I’ve included the body text of the letter I wrote [see below], you’re welcome to use that, if you haven’t got a better one. I don’t want any credit for it.

With regards and huge thanks for all the work you do.


The Trust Fall – Trailer (Films For Change/YT):

“If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth” – Julian Assange

Template Letter – Julian Assange


I am writing to protest at the appalling treatment of the Wikileaks Publisher, Julian Assange, and asking you to do something about it.

Years of twisted false accusations, orchestrated character assassinations by the press and social media, extradition hearing after extradition hearing and continuing solitary confinement in Belmarsh. He does not deserve any of this, but we all know why it’s happening.

The way Julian is being treated is fundamentally an attack on free speech, independent journalism and ultimately public liberty. Julian was an intelligent, diligent and sensitive publisher, he took great care to make sure names of personnel were redacted, to minimise the harms to people carrying out orders. What was exposed was the lie of war, the lie of why the US attacked Iraq, the lie of spreading democracy – and that’s what the US, with their agenda of constant war, does not want exposed.

Did you know that for all bar 12 of the years that the US has existed they have been at war with another country? Millions of civilians have been killed, so resources could be plundered, all under the lie of “spreading democracy” and “fighting dictatorships”, and “fighting terrorism”. Who among us cannot see where the real anti-democratic terrorist dictatorship truly resides?

We know what kind of a world we live in now, in the greater part due to the work of independent journalists like John Pilger (rest in peace) and Julian Assange. Despite the legal case against him having no ground, the abuse of his human rights and torture continues. We’re being led by our once trusted institutions towards a dangerous self-censoring, self-destructive downward spiral. Surely, no seat of power or financial incentive is worth burning in hell for?

Whether it’s admitted or not, because apparently, the UK doesn’t use torture, the fact is that Julian is being tortured in a UK prison – years of debilitating solitary confinement in a cramped windowless cell, a constant aural assault of disturbing background noises, daylight deprivation and drugged foods are all directly from the play book of sensory torture techniques.

You know as well as I do that Julian is being used as an example, the message here is from the US Military to all journalists and free thinkers, “do something we don’t like, and look what you’re going to get”.

This absurd circus has gone on for far too long.
The debt, if there was one, has been paid ten times over.
Julian Assange must be freed and receive the high quality medical help he desperately needs, and be allowed to live in peace with his wife and children.

If men in power like yourself are going to stand by and do nothing, then all the citizens of this country with brave hearts and enquiring minds – the tools of progress – will be viewed as potential terrorists for something as innocuous as having the wrong thought, or asking the wrong question, and we will as a nation be bludgeoned further into submission and the throttling grip of a cruel dictatorship.

We have to call for the truth and insist on accountability.
I wish that someone in Parliament would be a hero and stand up for what is right.
Will it be you?
Free Assange, and free us all.

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