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When we created this website in November 2020, our intention was to have a place on the web where people could find a source for our leaflets and some information that was different from the covid propaganda.

This was during the lockdowns with restrictions that turned normal life upside down. During that time we imagined that once the lockdown-craziness was over, we would retire from publishing and this website would remain as an archive – perhaps useful for historical research.

However, things turned out differently.

It seems that the covid scam was just the tip of the iceberg, the trial and tester of huge evil agendas which most of us weren’t aware of before – or at least, not fully.

Instead of retiring, we have been kept at the edge of the chair, with evermore news, research material, articles and essays flowing in, revealing that there is so much more that needs resisting.

That’s why we still continue spreading news that is different, and closer to the truth than the mainstream media which we no longer trust.

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In the end, we will win this war! Why? Because the truth always prevails!

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