Tyranny Comes in the Form of Convenience

By Ray Wilson

It’s a sleepy Saturday morning in my dad’s little village. There is a frisson of warmth in the breeze. The soft rays of the sun gently illuminate Mum’s commemoration garden, constructed after her death in April 2020, enhancing its serene atmosphere. My hound’s ears twitch at the distant chirping of birds, which adds a melodic touch to the tranquil ambiance, although my brother Rich and I have work to do, so there won’t be much time for peace and relaxation.

“Any news on the gasket?” Rich asks.

I get my phone out and start to switch it on.

“There’s no point; don’t forget we are in a “black spot,” or protected spot, as I call it,” Rich says.

I feel I have committed a bit of a faux pas. I quickly slipped my phone back into my pocket.

“Yep, tyranny comes in the form of convenience, I know.”

“Hi Bob, how’s it going?” I call out and wave.

Bob hobbles over the road with his dog and leans on the gate.

“Not so good. I took him to the vet; he’s pulled a muscle or something. The vet gave me some pills; he hates them.”

“Have you tried putting them in his food?” my brother Rich calls out from the murky depths of the garage.

“Yes, he knows straight away; I have to put them in his throat and hold his snout until he swallows them; he hates it,” Bob says.

“Are they helping him?” I ask as my dog pokes her snout through the gate and licks his hand.

“Not really; he’s so jealous; look, he doesn’t like me paying attention to your one.” Bob says

Bob is retired but spends time helping out in the village; he tells us about his trials and tribulations with the council.

“I just tell it as it is: they tell me I’m aggressive, and if I don’t calm down, they will terminate the call.”

Bob says, “Eventually they agree to meet me by the footpath, but they turn up late in separate cars, brand spanking new. I show them how dangerous the end of the footpath is, but they don’t seem to care; maybe they never have to walk.”

“Well,” Rich clears his throat, “The High Court ruled that Mayor Sadiq Khan’s planned ULEZ expansion can go ahead; it won’t be long before the slow creep age extends to our village, then they may have to walk.”

“I asked one of the councillors about the 20 minute neighbourhood and how it might reduce pollution.” Bob was smiling. ” I asked him, just a youngster, do you know where oxygen comes from?”

“He looked a bit flummoxed and told me with a straight face, from the air.”

“From the air,” Bob moaned. “I had to explain to him how a mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of CO2 from the environment in just one year and releases oxygen in exchange.”

Bob tells us of plans to erect a 5G mast on the green.

“You must be joking,” is Bob’s response to the plan. ” I told them, on the green, children play on that green; they always have; stick it down by the derelict garages if we really must have it.”

We are told 5G radiation is classified as non-ionising electromagnetic waves, and unlike X-Rays and Gamma Rays, 5G uses microwaves at lower frequencies with insufficient energy to harm human cells. It is not a good idea to be in close proximity to transmitting devices, and decreasing the distance between brain tissue and the mobile phone elevated the tissue temperature significantly. In fact, increasing the distance between the mobile phone and the brain tissue lowered the thermal effect of radio frequency radiation.

The trouble is, “It’s not just about the heat.”

I tell Bob a bit about what we recently learned about 5G.

Ionising radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful, as it can rapidly heat up parts of the body and cause serious injuries. Non-ionising radiation, such as that from radar transmitters, is less harmful and can be found in close proximity to powerful equipment like long-distance transmitters on communication towers. Radio frequency energy degrades as it travels through the atmosphere, making it weaker as it travels further away. We are told that if  a ground-level RF energy hazard occurs, safety measures are in place to protect the public. Transmission towers emitting dangerous levels of RF should have warning signs and security measures in place to restrict access.

Mobile phone use has not been linked to radiogenic health effects like cancer, but studies suggest a link. However, these findings are not conclusive due to limitations in research; I would speculate that the source of the funding influences the findings, including reproducibility concerns. Scientists continue to study the effects of long-term exposure to low-level RF energy. Cell phone towers may broadcast at higher levels, so follow warnings to limit access to the tower or surrounding area.

Every vibrating wave field has a state of equilibrium. According to Nikola Tesla, if you want to learn the secrets of the universe, you need to think about energy in terms of frequency and vibration. When microwave radiation collides with us today, it interferes with the human energy frequency field. The critical characteristic of a radiation field is more than just whether it Is ionising or not; it depends on whether the radiation field is balanced or unbalanced. When there is an imbalance, this will distort human cells, causing disparity  and imbalance, and this is the basis for all disease. Understanding the balance of the radiation field is crucial because it directly affects our overall well-being. By maintaining a balanced energy frequency field, we can promote harmony within our cells and minimise the risk of developing diseases.

“I don’t like the masts, full stop,” says Bob. “I grew up in the village; we looked out for ourselves; we didn’t need the government poking their cameras in everywhere!”

Our children’s future will be comfortable in 20-minute neighbourhoods. Small towns that serve as supervised detention camps. These 20-minute neighbourhoods will be promoted and sold to the unwitting masses on the basis of accessibility and convenience, ensuring that essential services and amenities are within a short distance from residential areas. Additionally, they will convince some that these places will engender a sense of community and safety through supervised activities and support systems using the 5G infrastructure to keep populations contained and entertained.

“Blessed are the “WOKE” for they will inhibit the earth,” says Rich.

“It’s the lies that Sadiq tells; he says 4000 people died of respiratory disease; it was actually one in the last 20 years. As for children being poisoned by ICE motor vehicles, how about the black mould-infected council flats that the children were held in during lockdowns, denied fresh air and sunlight? Surrounded by massive 5G masts, where was Sadiq then?” Bob looks animated.

“There is plenty of top class accommodation for migrants,” Rich interjects.

“Don’t get me started on that; the silent majority suspect something is not quite right but say nothing.” Bob pauses, looking thoughtful. “The migrants will change the demographic; soon they will be the majority. I wonder if they have a vote, and if they do, what would they do with it?”

“It’s interesting to know that the UK government had the biggest advertising spend during the scamdemic years,” I say.

“Spending our money for our benefit, no doubt,” Bob grimaces, “they are a bunch of criminals—money spent on tel-lie-vision and radio propaganda, newspaper ads, concocted stories to promote the agenda—endless money to block book migrant hotels—it’s disgusting—no money for our own homeless!”

“It’s worse than the socialist concept, isn’t it?” Rich says, “At least under that regime, all were equally poor, and a very few were rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Under that scheme, everyone knew what the system was; now, under this new world totalitarian model, nobody—or very few—seems to notice or seem to care.”

Bob nods in agreement, frustration evident on his face.

“Exactly! It’s like we’re living in a society where priorities are completely skewed. Instead of addressing the pressing issue of homelessness, they’re investing in propaganda and facilities for migrants. It’s disheartening to see our own people being neglected while resources are misallocated elsewhere.”

Rich sighs, adding, “And what’s even more concerning is that I fear that this is all by design.

The lack of awareness or concern among the majority is generated by complicit politicians guiding the narrative—officials pleading ignorance, saying mistakes were made and we are so sorry.

It’s all BS; they know full well what they do.”

Bob looks troubled. “I heard from one of the councillors the other day that they intend to demolish those derelict garages and build a three-story block of flats—and who do you think will get to live in them?”

We look at each other. Bob’s concern touches a sensitive nerve, as it seems that the decision to demolish the garages and build flats may not benefit the community at large. These new accommodations will only be accessible to a select few, not young families, the destitute, or our forgotten veterans.

“Let’s hope it’s built by local people for local people and that they don’t stick a 5G mast on top,” says Rich.

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