Mainstream Media Reporting According To Their Agenda

UK Column News – this is what is in their latest video:

  • Mainstream media reporting protest or not – it depends (freedom protests around the UK, 15 May 2021)
  • Teacher warned about an extremist content fantasy
  • City of London police having to police suicide on an unprecedented scale
  • UK Column Yellow Card website
  • Media adverse reaction obfuscation
  • CDC reports significant vaccine mortality amid attempts to mandate them
  • Get vaccinated or else!
  • Full fact full of it!
  • Aldous Huxley spelled out the final revolution
  • Northern exposure interviews
  • Email information from UK Column viewers
  • Correction and continuation of the holiday uncertainty
  • New freedoms?
  • Why are hospitals overwhelmed in the summer?
  • Universal Basic Income anyone? Conditions will apply
  • Mainstream media catches up with psychological behaviour change crime a year after UK column reported it
  • Arab Israeli conflict in perspective


Vaccine Killed Grandma