Farmer Protests In Europe

European Farmer Protests Gain Momentum As Wales And Czech Farmers Join The Movement: Widespread farmer protests across the European Union and the UK, driven by concerns over environmental regulations. In the EU, farmers are protesting the Green Deal’s financial burdens and its impact on their competitiveness. In the UK, Welsh farmers are protesting against requirements

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ULEZ Was Never Needed and Never Wanted

Dictator Sadiq Khan should be worried: The people of London have had enough! And Reform UK is taking the fight to Sadiq Khan over his ULEZ and his evil authoritarian regime! (Jeff Taylor/YT) Protest: Action Against ULEZ ‘Clean’ Air, Dirty Money, Filthy Politics The Blade Runners – Freeing London from Surveillance Cameras Action Against ULEZ

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Exposing Canada’s Corruption

The Mosely Decision The Corruption of Canada is being exposed and our battle to regain freedom is advancing. It’s been a great start to the new year, battling against the corruption with the legal machine and in our parliaments. The federal courts have struck down as both unlawful and unconstitutional the invoking of the Emergency

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