Unvaccinated Whistleblower Soldiers Expose the Truth About Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Join Robby as he dives into the startling truth of what it is and was like for our heroes in armed forces during the pandemic. Exploring how the vaccine mandates affected their families and careers and changed their whole life. Listen to their stories of how they are continuing the fight for freedom on American soil. (RobbyStarbuck/YT)

“I literally had soldiers walk into my office crying that they did NOT WANT this vaccine.” Watch the short video here.

Veronica Finch: Hope Amidst-a Tsunami of EvilMore truth in this book:

Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil. Exposing the Great Lies—Packed with evidence, facts, essays, testimonies, letters, and reflections

Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ would become more than two years—destroying both the economy and people’s health?
A group of billionaires, in cooperation with their globalist puppets and the mainstream media, planned just that. Masked as ‘covid rules’ they imposed restrictions on our freedom, introduced mandated vaccinations, and increased digital control. Now they are using ‘climate change’ and ‘net zero’ to continue their Machiavellian agenda.
As you read this book it will become clear that nothing can be labelled easily or dismissively as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Humanity is now experiencing conspiracies that have been in the planning for decades—or even longer. It is our duty to do everything we can to stop these plans, or else we will all be dragged into a dark abyss.
Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil contains hard evidence, essays, testimonies, letters, and reflections exposing the big lies of the past two years, and also delivers messages of hope for a brighter future.

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