What’s Trending Next?

By Roy M McIntosh

The last couple of decades—and never more so the last handful of years—the ‘trending’ seen round the world paints a picture, and tells a story about people and how easy they can be led. You do not have to put a lead on them.

I shall not go by timescale order but shall just name a few of the trends that we have seen: Undercut haircuts, tattoos, bright-coloured dyed hair, torn trousers, sex gender madness, piercings … One young person I spoke to suggested that some young folk are going down the dress wearing, gay/lesbian route, as it is trendy!

Now I shall stop there, as many will start saying, oh don’t be ridiculous or silly. But the way people have behaved and clamoured to wear a mask and get jabbed I think many should look in the mirror to see who has been ridiculous and silly. Ridiculous and silly, being kind to them!

So, what shall be the next trend!? Chip implants? I go to a few music events and one is an open mic on a Monday. Just before last Christmas a young musician, who was doing a job at the Christmas market came up to me and said: “Roy, this woman paid with the side of her hand!” I said: “Get away” and Sam said: “No that is fact!”

A few days later I was in an iron monger and was telling the owner. He laughed and pulled out a sheet of paper from a company and here was a DIY chip implant kit! Not the same as the one I have linked (Want An RFID Chip Implanted Into Your Hand? Here’s What The DIY Surgery Looks Like), but in ways similar.

For the last few weeks I have been mentioning it to shop and café workers and the vast majority have never heard of it. One young woman said that is not possible and shall never happen. Yesterday a young man working in a café where I go, looked at me with strangeness when I mentioned it, and he said:  “I do not believe it!”

I did mention it to my son-in-law, and he just gave me a puzzled look. But he took out his mobile and googled it. He stopped having a puzzled look when he read about it on a BBC page!

So, could the chip be the next trend or one just round the corner in waiting? The way the people have fallen in line for everything else I think if it started trending, the line-up would stretch from John O Groats to Land’s End!

I reckon it would also be worldwide!

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