We Are All Being Lied To

John Savage on Brand New Tube:

I put this together a while back to try to show people who believe the lies and craziness that’s taken over the world, that it’s all planned lies in their own words.

Comment below the video:

Great video to establish the facts that are being communicated to the public, which unfortunately they do not hear. I speak to colleagues around the capital cities of the globe, the consistency and centralisation of the response is total. Global business is highly political to the point that Trump perceptive violence is a problem that cannot be condoned, although Biden perceptive violence is tolerable, to the point of being ignored. The whole thing is interconnected, driven by money and power, what we are seeing and experiencing is a whole new tyrannical culture being overlaid on the planet, automative globalisation v the individual human being.


Watch the video here: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/we-are-all-being-lied-to_ZYXwotWozho1Bi2.html