Great Reset

As Part of a Fabricated Energy Crisis: BBC Prepares ‘Secret Scripts’ to Calm the Public’s Fears if Major Blackouts Occur this Winter

The BBC has prepared scripts to advise and calm the British public in the event of large-scale power blackouts this winter, amid restrictions of Russian gas supplies to Europe. The Guardian has obtained scripts from the BBC to be read over the air if a “major” power loss results in phone, internet, banking, and traffic

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The Country Is Controlled by Puppets Who Work on Behalf of the Great Reset

By John Vincent The following is an excerpt from ‘Revolutionary (non-violent) Reform of Parliament’—a multiple-page proposal by John Vincent (with some humorous interludes).  Our country is in a mess. I don’t think that this is a controversial statement. Our citizens must gather together and create an environment in which everybody is happy to live. Happy

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