We Are Losing the Young People

I understand that young people are not so good at talking to one another as the older generation are. Is that something to do with the digital world we spend too much time in? (Richard Vobes/YT)

Comment by Roy R M McIntosh

Yes, how did we live and survive?

By that I mean before the days of the internet and more so the devil mobile in your hand!

Before the internet came along, I was writing letters by hand and posting them to councils, MPs, MSM etc. At times, I went and delivered a letter by hand, saved on postage! I still do the occasional handwritten letter and post card but the people receiving must think oh, I have a dinosaur friend!? I do have an older cousin in Australia and every now and again get a letter and like wise she gets one from me!

I shall get back on track with the internet/mobiles although in my mind they have knocked real life off the rails!

I just watched a video talking about losing young people. It goes further than that and is right across the board.

My mobile history: Few years ago for a ‘work’ reason had to have a phone – bought a cheapo, £16 and that included tenner credit. In two years I needed to put credit in once, another tenner. Next time it needed credit I just dropped it in the sink and watched it sparkle and all that… Goodbye!

Now not having a mobile I love to observe people with them in cafés and on the bus etc, and their facial reactions are like a cross between a comedy and horror film! As they look at the mobile and flick through it, you can see the changes. If they get a nice message or what ever the face is like as if they have watched a comedy. That soon goes and you can see them flicking through, flicking through, flicking through, and you can see the face change to sadness and horror and I think oh, the cat has ate the budgie and did not even kill it. Shock, horror!

The hero of 2020 being the Chinese wizard covid has escalated the mobile horror show and helped lock people into isolation cells – and that is even when out with family or friends!

Just the other night, because of my looks, a few youngsters (late 20s) said: ‘Oh there is Santa on his bike’. I told them some folk stole my sled and left the bike. Gave me a chance to chat with them. They were shocked I did not have a phone and wondered how I survived. I told them that before the age they were, that I had travelled round the world on a ship, worked in Australia and travelled here and there, and they listened as I told them that was before mobiles, visas etc in some cases, and they were interested to hear it. But I could see a kind of shock on their faces and I can understand why, with all the control over people. I said in a nice manner to break free from control and tell the politicians and mainstream media to step down. Can only hope that even one of them does it!

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