We Forget Far Too Easily the Things That Have Been Done to Us

By Cherry Hughes

Digital Slavery – A Personal Account

I want to talk to you about a very important subject. That of digital slavery.
Let me first explain where I am coming from, and who I am.

I have worked as a healthcare professional in the UK for 36 years, 34 of those within our ‘so-called’ National Health Service. The NHS is an organisation that is corrupted from the toa masters. This I know to be true. I am also a wife, mother and grandmother, and for that reason alone I have no choice but to speak out, regardless of pushback, ridicule or incredulity. This is, as is often said, is the hill on which I would die on.

My personal journey through the healthcare system in the UK allowed me to see first hand how a corrupt system operates, yet, even I was aghast at how easily my colleagues swallowed the government narrative, hook line and sinker, without even stopping to draw breath. The actions of the UK Government, buoyed by the NHS showed me what an incredibly precarious situation we inhabited in early 2020.

I recall sitting in the A&E department writing up my notes after assessing a patient in early December 2019. I looked up and saw a typed notice sellotaped to the wall. I scanned it briefly and noted the word ‘China’, and ‘coronavirus’ and some brief wording related to ‘flu-like symptoms’. I paid it little attention.

By February 2020, everything had changed, and the rest, as they say, is history. And yet, that is not the case, because the narrative rolls out before us like a never ending nightmare.

When I saw that scrappy piece of paper taped to the wall, I was not aware of ‘Event 201’, I was not aware of the Rockefeller funded ‘Lockstep’ scenario, and I had never heard of the WEF.

How naive can a person be? But to my credit, in late February of 2020, I knew, with no doubt in my mind that we were in for a whole world of pain, and I also knew, without any doubt, that this was not going to be resolved in the “three weeks to flatten the curve”. Everything within me knew that this was something malevolent, and because I knew that to be the truth with every fiber of my being, I could not, and still cannot, understand how this truth is not glaringly obvious to every person who has experienced this whole sorry charade. And this is why we are in big trouble, because our population is walking into hell, and they are not breaking their stride.

Consider this analogy, you are a fish, swimming freely in an open ocean of possibility, you swim at liberty cutting through the waves, sometimes you may take time to dive down to marvel at corals and reefs, other times you may swim as fast as you can, traveling long distances, there is little to slow or restrict you, because you are free. Now imagine a net has been thrown onto the surface of the ocean, it starts to descend slowly around you, you watch it drift down, but you cannot stop it. You can still see through the gaps of the net, you can see what is beyond the space that you now occupy, and yet, you cannot leave that space. The limits of your world are now clearly visible to you. There is no way out and there is nowhere to hide, you are trapped,.

The current reality is that a metaphorical net has been thrown over us. Up until now we have had the illusion of freedom, but that is exactly what it has been, an illusion.

For as long as we care to look back, this has been the case. The difference now is that many of us have ‘awoken’ to this fact, we see the illusion for what it is and for many of us, the shock has seen us pass through clear stages of grief as described by Kubler Ross. We have come to understand that the freedoms we thought we had, were never that, and that we have, in actuality, permitted our own slavery. We have walked into our own prison and turned the key on ourselves. This is indeed a terrible shock and make no mistake, for some, that shock has been too much to bear.

Covid-19 was the sheep in wolf’s clothing, it was there to serve a purpose, it was never the health threat it was billed to be, but it served as the vehicle to accelerate the digital prison that now threatens us all. You see, health and in particular the antithesis of health, what we would call dis-ease, can evoke fear and compliance like nothing else. So what better way of manipulating an entire population to submit to demands, that, in the absence of a ‘Health emergency’ would, quite rightly, draw righteous indignation.
Another word for that manipulation would be propaganda. This went into overdrive in 2020, and the brakes have never been applied since. Propaganda is the daily routine now, it is disguised as ‘the news’ or ‘science’, and as the information that we need to make the ‘right’ decisions.

The use of the health service and the individuals that work within that service as nurses, doctors and allied health professionals, was a very clever ploy by the government. Most of the employees in these institutions revelled in the adulation of the public, and they were easy and willing pawns used in the playbook that drove the climate of fear during the ‘pandemic’.

In the summer of 2020, I was involved in numerous conversations about the complexities of ‘ the virus’. Consultant physicians that I used to look up to, talked utter rubbish, but with utter conviction about all the new dangers posed by this ‘virus’ and how we would be battered by the next ‘wave’. It was around this time that it became apparent that they were going to mandate masks within the hospitals. In the hospital that I worked in, the absolute pantomime continued, patients were colour coded based on their PCR status, they were shunted from one ‘risk stratified’ bay to another according to their changing PCR results. The daily visits to the ward by the infection control team was frankly hilarious. The ‘new’ advice that they dispensed to the ward members changed on a daily basis.

Even though our hospital, was practically empty, and I mean empty, during the height of the ‘carnage’, there began deep and meaningful discussions about the development of the vaccine that was going to save us. Yes, save us, from the hell of empty hospitals, empty A&E departments and the unused body storage containers that had been brought in to house our overflowing dead.

The cognitive disconnect between that reality and the clamouring for a new and untested injectable technology that would save us all, was astonishing to me, but at the same time it was terrifying. How could previously seemingly intelligent individuals, put aside all logic to believe totally, what I knew to be pure fiction and ultimately, pure evil. It was at that point that I resigned.

I had witnessed my fill of unedited pantomime, of my colleagues acting the role of hero, of the stickers on the floor, of the dining room which was rearranged to have one person only at each table (when we had worked together and sat together on the ward). I made myself a target because I pointed out this hypocrisy on a daily basis, I was reported frequently for not wearing a mask, I was relentlessly pursued by occupational health and infection control, and then stalked onto the ward by an officious health and safety officer. It became heated when I asked her to produce her evidence that underpinned this charade. That exchange went like this:
“Where is the evidence that we are basing our actions on?”
“It’s government guidance.”
“But where is the evidence that underpins the advice?”
“Its government guidance.”
And so on.

Shortly thereafter, there followed increasing propaganda around the rules concerning gatherings of people, school closures, masking in shops and transport, and the zoning of geographical areas into ‘tiers’. Each had their specific rules and disallowed travel from one tier to another. In my new job, I had to travel 50 miles to work via the M6. I had some eerie drives to and from work on an empty motorway… That job ended soon after when I was disallowed from entering nursing and care homes to assess patients, based on the fact that I was a danger to the residents because I was unvaccinated. My next job in a GP practice came and went in 4 months, after the NHS mandated its employees to be injected, and I refused.

I tell you some of my story to highlight the disconnect that I witnessed on a daily basis, that allowed intelligent people to fall into a mantrap that was layed out on the floor with neon signs pointing to it, and yet they walked into it without stopping to draw breath.

We forget far too easily the things that have been done to us under the guise of this ‘unprecedented health emergency’, which in March 2020, even the UK Government deemed Covid-19 to “no longer be a high consequence infectious disease”, and yet the playbook ran and ran with no challenge, it was literally like they were destroying our lives while belly laughing in our faces And the majority of the population said not one word.

So injection after injection have been pushed and coerced onto more and more of the population, and the accompanying digital ID that, according to the war-monger Tony Blair, will be essential for the “whole slew of vaccines that are coming” is the unveiling of the plan that was there from the first moment. They must have you digitised and trackable, like a walking QR code, devoid of personality or worth, but able to be controlled in every aspect of your life. They now propose to code you as unvaccinated.
This scares me and it should scare you, for what possible purpose do they need to identify all of those who opposed the narrative?

Now is the time to do everything that you can to disconnect from their system. For goodness sake, do not take their vaccines, they now propose the MRNA gene therapy to be added to more vaccines as well as other medications, they are desperate to get you to take more and more medications under the guise of keeping you in good health. That is a lie.

Stay away from processed foods, eat as local as you can and as organically as you can. Try to grow your own food, even if it is a single tomato plant, or potatoes grown in a sack. Every little thing will help.

Drink clean water, avoid fluoridated toothpaste. Take regular vitamin D3, C, Zinc, and Quercetin, there are other supplements but these are a really good place to start.

Use cash as much as you can, don’t make it easy for them to trace your financial transactions, and as far as possible, avoid using the likes of PayPal and Amazon and giving your money to those large corporations that profited from the destruction of the small and medium sized businesses that were decimated in the unlawful lockdowns.

When you go shopping, buy some extra food and store it, anticipate that there may be shortages or sudden price hikes.

Above all else, look after those that you love and care for, nobody is coming to save us and we must do all that we can to save ourselves. We are many, so do not feel alone, for you are one of millions that feel the same and know the truth, take strength from this knowledge.

This is one of the essays from the Writing Challenge 2023 that didn’t make it into the book, but is still worth reading! Find more essays in our latest book, How to Avoid Digital Slavery.

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